The Fantastic Card Making

P1020063Hi I am Abi and I am going to tell you what my Endeavour is and what Endeavour is. Endeavour is when you choose your own project for a year and you do it by your self and a little bit of help from adults you also write a letter to someone that could help you with  your project. And I am doing card making because I thought that it would be fun and it would relate to my life when I am older.

I got the idea of Card Making because I knew who could help me with my Endeavour. And the person that could help me was Mrs Murray and my mum  and once I sent her the letter after she got it she sent me a hand made letter that she had made. I planned my Endeavour by filling in a plan for the whole year. And in my Eandeavour I have achieved  by making lots of cards and I have done my video.  And the problems that I have overcome was that I did not know how to use a craft knife, so I did a risk assessment.

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