Dunoon Primary School Rugby Winners

The Primary 6’s in Dunoon, Sandbank, Kirn and St Mun’s schools have been enjoying a six week block of coaching to develop their skills in Non Contact Rugby. Our phenomenal coach was Brendan from Inverclyde. Each Tuesday, the schools enjoyed a 45 minute session where we learned the skills and rules required to play a match. To celebrate the end of our fantastic training sessions with Brendan McGroaty, Lindsay Mitchell of Active Schools organised a Rugby Festival at Dunoon Grammar School on Monday 10th June.
The four participating schools competed against each other in a bid to win the 2013 Cowal Non Contact Rugby Festival Trophy. After our exhilarating matches we gathered together and waited apprehensively while Brendan announced the results. Our team, Dunoon B, were declared the winners with a maximum score of 20 points and Dunoon A were runners up! We were ecstatic to receive the trophy and would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who helped to make the day so enjoyable. Special thanks go to Brendan for his superb coaching skills and to Lindsay for arranging a fun day out. We had a great time!

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