Maths Week Clan Challenges at Strath of Appin

As part of Maths Week pupils at Strath of Appin Primary worked together in their clans to solve a daily maths-themed challenge. The challenges were varied and drew on a range of mathematical skills as well as encouraging good communication skills and effective teamwork.

• On Monday the Clans competed in an active place value number target game outside.

• Tuesday was a number trail/ scavenger hunt around the school and it’s grounds estimating, counting and problem-solving.

• Wednesday’s focus was on weights and measures with a ‘berry picking’ challenge along the cycle track followed by a weights and measures quiz.

• Thursday had a Gaelic theme with a Gaelic book shop set up for the clans to use coins and notes and work out change.

• To round off the week on Friday the classes had a presentation followed by activities led by Shona MacLeod from Nationwide Building Society, putting maths (money and finance) in a real-life context.

• We invited parents in to school for tea and cakes to see and hear all about our terrific maths challenges.

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