Kirn’s Christmas of Kindness

kirn-christmas-kindnessKirn Primary School have been in a whirl of activity lately, celebrating Christmas with our community. Our annual Community Tea with Christmas Concert for elderly members of our community was a great success. All our guests enjoyed their tea, scones and mince pies, served up by Primary 6 children while watching each class perform a beautiful Christmas song.

All the children turned into Christmas Elves, busily working in class to make wonderful Christmas Gifts to stock their stalls at the Kirn Christmas Fair.

Families contributed again by donating food and gifts to make Love-In-A-Box which P7 delivered to the doors of more members of the community with a cheery rendition of “We Wish You A Merry Christmas”.

Primary 1, Primary 2/1 and Primary 3/2 transformed themselves into angels and sheep to perform the Christmas Nativity “The Sleepy Shepherd” to parents, and then again in the afternoon to the rest of the school.

Finally, P4 hosted the Christmas Service with Deacon Glenda McLaren and the focus was very much on appreciating how lucky we are. After a great performance of songs “Food Glorious Food” and “Feed the World” the congregation were encouraged to come forward with their gifts of food for Dunoon’s Food Bank.

A very Merry Christmas to all from Kirn Primary.

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