Dunoon Primary Celebrate British Science Week

DPS Science March 2016Dunoon Primary Celebrate British Science Week Pupils in Dunoon Primary School went on a journey of discovery into the world of nanoscience and engineering.
Dunoon Primary School was awarded funding from the British Science Association to host a science event, one of thousands of activities occurring across the country, for British Science Week (11th-20th of March).

The event was delivered by Strathclyde University’s ReallySmallScience Group, led by Dr Joy Leckie, on the 11th of March.
Group leader, Joy said, “We’ve worked with Dunoon Primary School on a number of occasions and were fortunate to return to celebrate British Science Week with the pupils. We’re keen to engage with children about the research that we do at Strathclyde and so it’s great to see the pupil’s enthusiasm and excitement when taking part in our activities.”

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Primary 4-6 made their own polymer bouncy balls and learned why polymers and plastics are important in everyday life. P6-7 classes took part in an active workshop called nanomove. Using balloons and music, pupils moved around like molecules to illustrate the energy changes in hot and cold substances.

Pupils also had the opportunity to interact with researchers from the Chemical Engineering Department at Strathclyde and learn about their jobs to find out what a chemical engineer does.

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