Bowmore Primary is ‘Tapsalteerie’!

Bowmore Tam o ShanterOn Tuesday 3rd February at Bowmore Primary, an appreciative audience enjoyed a child-friendly performance of our famous bard’s ‘Tam O’ Shanter’. Robert Burns’ famous poem was given the BPS treatment, creatively led by ‘Tapsalsteerie Theatre’- a unique husband and wife team from Stirling. David and Jackie Smith spent from 9.20 to 2.15 (breaks excluded of course!) with our P6s and P7s from the English and Gaelic classes.

Unbelievably, they were all ready for a full performance at 2.15 – kitted out and ready to help tell the story of Tam and his encounter with the witches and warlocks.

It was a very professional experience with a great introduction by David about the bard’s short-lived life, followed by the performance, narrated by Jackie. The children embraced this experience whole heartedly and it was obvious they enjoyed this creative experience. Ally McLellan approached Ms Gilbert excitedly at lunchtime and let the cat out the bag. He confided that he was the miller! Ms Gilbert asked Ally what the miller did. Ally, with a great beam on his face replied, ‘Well, I spend most of the time in the pub!’ And indeed, the tankards were swinging away under the watchful eye of Darren Anderson, landlord and Breagh Woodrow, the cheeky wee barmaid! The ‘deil’ played by Calum Park blew his bagpipes wildly (Mr Morris, chanter teacher, would have approved!) as Cutty Sark (Rachel Johnston) bewitched oor Tam (Finley Harrold). Kate, wife of Tam, looked suitably displeased with her husband as he enjoyed himself –Natasha Thomson had this down to a tee! Zombies, witches and warlocks spooked our younger members of the audience but Tam did escape – just. A huge thank you also to friends and family who joined us for this Burns’ epic!

Thank you so much to all your hard work children and to David and Jackie for sharing their expertise. By the way, visit the Smith Art Gallery and Museum in Stirling and you’ll see David bringing history alive-well worth the visit!

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