Building bridges between Luing and Easdale Primary Schools

Easdale and Luing school communities are part of the shared head teacher pilot.
The children in the schools both requested an opportunity to work closer with their peer groups. The nursery children took the lead by taking a day out for a Teddy Bears Picnic in the ancient Hazel woods of Kilbrandon that stretch between the two schools. This was followed up with P4-7 joining forces for 3 days away with Stramash taking part in challenging team building activities, forging friendships for future learning opportunities.
These are the first of many steps to work together, learn together and share the two identities of these island schools.

2 thoughts on “Building bridges between Luing and Easdale Primary Schools

  1. Really great to see youngsters taking the lead in planning school activities.

  2. Please thank the pupils, they’ve helped us with some ideas.

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