Family Day at St Joseph’s Pre-5 Unit

What a great day was had by all on Thursday 29 May as St. Joseph’s Pre-5 Unit opened its doors not only to parents but, this time, also to other members of each child’s family too! We were delighted to see grannies and grandas as well as aunties and uncles join in.

After registration the reticent newcomers to the Pre-5 Unit got their sleeves rolled up and joined in with gusto! There were grannies at the sand pit and grandas at the reading corner – a really magical ‘buzz’ of learning and fun was palpable!

With smiles on faces Ms Collins, Head Teacher, was delighted to hear grandparents in particular talk so enthusiastically about the day. One granny said, ‘This is really wonderful – I am delighted to see what goes on in the nursery. He often talks about what he is doing when he’s here – now I can properly visualise it’!

A fantastic new first for St. Joseph’s – one we hope to repeat next academic session too!

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  1. I always enjoyed visiting my childrens’ nursery. It’s great to have open days so that you can experience what the children get to experience every day.

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