Together Again!

On Wednesday 5th of March Keills and Small Isles Primary travelled down to Port Charlotte School to do some team building challenges.

First we were put into teams and it was good because the groups had children from different schools. This meant we could make new friends. The first challenge we did was a dragon game. I liked it because you had to communicate with lots of different children. We had to try and catch the other teams’ dragon tails. It was great fun.

Next we walked down to Port Mor beach to do some beach art with our teams. We had to create a piece of artwork with materials that were lying on the beach. Our designs had to show friendship. Our team won but they were all very very good. We were so hungry after that we took a walk back up to the Port Mor centre to have our lunch. They kindly let us eat there as it was quite windy and cold.

Last but not least Shona Ramsay and Euan our Shinty Development Officer came and played shinty on the football pitch with us. First Euan told us how to hold the shinty stick and then we played a game where the people without the shinty sticks had to catch you. It wasn’t really a team game but you were still asking different questions like ‘Which way should I go?’ or ‘Should I run to this side or that side?’ I learned lots from Euan about how to play shinty properly. I hope he can come back another time soon.

I really enjoyed our visit to Port Charlotte. It was lots of fun and I would love to do it again.
Allana P.6
Keills Primary School

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