“Souper” Clan Challenge at Strath of Appin Primary School

Happy New Year
All three clans in the school certainly rose to the challenge of creating their own pots of soup for the Soup Clan Challenge. There was a hive of activity as Clan Linnhe prepared Winter minestrone soup, Clan Creran prepared tomato and carrot soup and Clan Laich, creamy carrot and coriander. The children really got a lot out of this challenge and it was pleasing to see them use the practical skills that Alex Needham from the Waterfront Restaurant had demonstrated a few weeks earlier.

Great teamwork was exhibited within the clans and the children were very pleased with the end products!

Parents, family and friends were invited to come along to the school’s Soup Lunch to try the soups and then complete a soup evaluation form. The children really appreciated the positive feedback they received for their culinary efforts! Quotes from some of the completed soup evaluation forms included – “That was one of the tastiest soups I have ever had!” “Beautiful soup, beautiful presentation and fabulous waiting staff.” “Deserves a Michelin Star! First Class. Thank you.”

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