Swimming Gala

On the 8th march Port Ellen Primary had their annual swimming gala, for the first time everybody actually took part in some form of swimming a race!

From a young age of 5 to 12, everybody was able to swim a length, width or half a length!

In primary one there was 2 races for boys and girls each, and they had to swim front crawl,(with a woggel).  Primary 2’s had to swim a width but had to swim front crawl as well as backstroke!

For the girls p6/7 championship, Emily Logan won the cup, and for the boys p6/7 championship, Ewan Mackinnon won the cup.

We have a relay race with our three houses, Orsay, Nave and Texa.

Orsay won! in the relay teams were for Orsay, Maisie Logan, Emily Logan, Reece Bowman and Cameron Clarke.

Texa- Eilidh Macmillan, Eleanor Macmillan, Scott Kinloch and Oliver Murhead!

Nave-Ellen Johnston, Elizabeth Macmillan, Ewan Mackinnon and Nicholas Weatherhog!

So in conclusion, everybody had a great morning and we had a really nice lunch to go back to!!

By Maisie Logan