Why is Orienteering Fun?

We think orienteering is fun because you can get to increase your fitness and stamina which can make you more healthy. It can also help you improve your teamwork with others which will get you more involved in other activities.

The National Mod

DSCN56631On the 6/10/15 Port Ellen Primary School went to the National Mod and I was in the boys choir and it was our very first MOD and we came 2nd in our competition. We were in all the newspapers the ileach the Oban times.  We stayed in 2 hostels then the mixed choir came in 1st and they were even on TV in the recording studios.  I really enjoyed it.

ICycle Tests

P1010305On Thursday 29th October the whole of p7 did their cycling proficiency tests after practising for a term.  Everybody passed the practical with an A or B, and no one got a C. Once p7 got back up to Port Ellen they did the written test and everybody passed  so it was a success for p7.  We also completed road safety posters as part of our learning.  Well done everyone for all your hard work.


P1010429Port Ellen Primary School had a Halloween party.We all got dressed up in our costumes and danced to spooky music in the lunch hall. First was the best costume competition. Rowan and Rebecca won for the p5’s, Murray won  for the P6’s and Katie won for the P7’s.  We all played Statues (when you have to stay still when the music stops) and Corners (a game when you have 4 corners and when the music stops you have to run to a corner) and finally we played musical bumps (it is the same as Statues but you have to sit down) Soon after we played Cat & Mouse. Soon after, we had a little snack and after we finished our snack. Soon after, we went dunking for apples and we ate them when we got back to the hall. We were crestfallen when we had to go home!

Our Solar System

learning_points_the_solar_system-01For our topic we have been working on the solar system. So far we have learned what is the closest planet to the sun which is Mercury. In school we have been working on the eight planets they are all surrounding the sun.

We have also been learning about the rocky and the giant planets. We are going to tell you about the rocky planets. They are Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars.

Now we are going to tell you about the giant planets. They are Saturn, Jupiter , Uranus and Neptune. Neptune is the furthest away from the sun it is 4.5 billion km away. Neptune has 165 years to complete orbit.  We are learning lots.


Port Ellen Harvest Tea

IMG_0188We invited some pensioners from Port Ellen village to come and have a little afternoon tea. We normally have a harvest assembly and hand out bags, but now we only have three classes we decided to have an afternoon tea. The choir sang some of their songs for the national mod in Oban. We also had some other people in classes doing some performances, P1/2 did a prayer, P3/4 did a song and dance and P5/6/7 set the hall up and handed out the cakes and if they wanted any more tea we would get it for them.  I really liked the chocolate cupcakes!

Book Review

indexIn September P567 started reciprocal reading groups.  My group was Joe,Eva and Kaya we were reading Vivian French’s book The Robe Of Skulls.  It was about a lady called Lady  Lamorna and she was a woman who was buying a dress with skulls on it.  She did not have enough money to buy it so she grabbed her assistant Gubble, he is a troll.  She told him to get two donkeys for a journey for getting gold from castles. Eventually they introduce a girl who gets locked in a basement because of her step father Mange.  Gracie’s mother had died so she lived her whole life also with her step sister except the whole story changes.  They go on a quest and everyone has fun.  I enjoyed reading this horror style fairytale.


The Amazing Black Tide.

Black Tide is a book by the author Caroline Clough and had lots of adventure. The main character is Toby and in the book he had to try to rescue his little sister Sylvie and his dad. They had been captured by invaders and held captive. All the people who are invaders had a NC tattoo on their wrist and Toby used that to tell who to stay away from because the invaders were after Toby as well.

btAt the beginning Toby had been captured but managed to escape but he didn’t manage to save his family so all through the book he was making up plans to save Sylvie and his dad. He met a girl called Natasha but all her friends call her Tash. In the middle of the book there are dogs and Toby called the biggest, fluffiest, blackest dog Cerberus after Greek mythology.

The author is Caroline Clough and she came to our class for the book fair. It was amazing when she came in and she told us about her family and her childhood and how she became an author. She said there will be another book called Silver Seas and I am really excited about it coming out!

Police And Fireman Visit

On  Wednesday  28th October a policeman and a fireman came to our school to talk to us about firework safety. They told us what to do when you were finished with a sparkler which was to dunk it into a bucket of water and to wear gloves to protect your hands. They also told us what to do if an adult lit a firework and it didn’t set off, which was to stay away from it and tell an adult.

The fireman told us that they have to attend to bonfires set off by kids and since they have to attend to this, they can’t attend house fires because they will be busy putting out the bonfire. They also told us that to keep your pets inside like cats, dogs etc. They can either get frightened or hurt. So remember this information and stay safe during firework night!

Negative Numbers

P567 have been learning about negative numbers and how they are in temperature. The lowest temperature that negative numbers go down to is -274 degrees and positive numbers go up to infinity. We also learned that negative numbers can some times be in lifts like if there is a basement or a cellar in a hotel or a museum.It also appears in world temperature like the weather might say Paris is -1 degrees and Romania is 16 degrees and all the other countries might be different than Paris or Romania. This is what we have learned.

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