The Stormy Weather

On Thursday 8th December it was very windy, rainy and stormy. Because it was very stormy most of the schools in Scotland had to be closed so our school couldn’t have a panto that night but we are going to have it on Monday instead.
By Emily

The Stormy Day

In Port Ellen there was a stormy day.It was so windy that all the schools were closed down. At lunch time we had to have our lunch on a paper pleat because the staff have to go home too and the kitchen staff did not want to stay behind and clean the proper pleats.

Port Ellen School Panto

On Friday it was the panto. My class were dwarves even me, before the panto started P4/5 and P6/7 went to get changed in the nursery. Once we got changed we went through to Miss Macrae’s to get our faces painted.  Then it was time, the panto was on.   First up was scene one which was Aliaes who was Rebecca Riding hood and Violet who was Elidh.  We went back through to the nursery one we had our face paints done ,but not Elidh and Aliaes because they were on stage.  One we went back to the nursery we watched a movie it was Garfield.  By Danni P5

The Port Ellen Panto

Our panto was called Rebecca Riding Hood. I was a Dwarf and Annie was big John it was funny because Anni is is the the smallest in the class there was a big laugh when Anni came on.  The panto was a good laugh.  The characters where Rebecca, Violet, miss riding hood, Mr and Mrs sniff, the Van Ham brothers, Lupine, Sidney, Humpty Dumptey, Cheery Charlie, the three bears, Corporal Biggins, Sergent spud. The groups of people were the teddy bears,the lumberjacks and the Dwarves.

by Robbie

The Panto at Port Ellen School

On the 9th of December port Ellen primary performed Rebeca Riding Hood, every one in Port Ellen school had a part. Rebeca Riding hood is about a little girl who goes on an errand to  give her gran some vegetables but the wolf makes her gran  hide  in a cupboard and the wolf  pretends to be grandma but little red riding hood opens the cupboard and finds gran, a wood chopper comes and scares the wolf away but that is not what ours is like, ours  has a twist to it and along the way we get to hear the story of Humptie Dumptie. I’m in primary 4/5 and was a dwarf while we sang big john.  At the end  we all sing as a school happy ever after and if you have tickets we hope you enjoy it tonight.

by Maisie Logan p5

The School Panto

Port Ellen Primary school did a pantomime it was called Rebecca Riding Hood. Ailaes was Rebecca Eilidh was Violet, P1/2 were teddy bears P3/4 were Lumberjacks our class was dwarves, P6/7 were just characters but some people were in groups like the Van Ham Brothers they were groups of pigs.  We sang Big John Annie was Big John,  everyone loved Annie being as big john, because big john is suposed to be big and Annie small so that means we’ll get more laughs that way.  We were on scene 4 theres different scenes 9 different  scenes, the song at finally was Happy Ever Afters.

By Alicia