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P7 Art

Primary 7 have been exploring the artist Hokusai and looking at his work ‘The Great Wave’ with Miss Notman. We were interested to look at the techniques he used to create dramatic waves and explored these in our own Hokusai inspired waves! We used a pencil to explore line and create the composition, then we we were left to be as expressive and dramatic as we could with the paint! We used contrasting colours to add defintion and drama! The results were wonderful and we have become even more confident with painting and taking risks to explore colour and paint techniques!

Primary 4 Visit the ? Woodlands

Primary 4 worked with the Woodland Trust today in our woods. We heard the sad news that our woods don’t have a name. We did a variety of activities within them and will now need to come up with some ideas for names. This will then be put onto signs so the whole world knows it.

We created a map of our woodland, using only materials we found there. We created poems about some of the trees and we made our very own cocktail perfumes.

Magical adventures in the woods for P5

Primary 5 children thoroughly enjoyed their recent visit to Bellsquarry Wood. The Woodland Trust kindly arranged for the Rowan Tree Theatre Company to meet and take them on a magical, enchanting walk through the woods where they met characters such as Huffy Bodger, Glitz Noskin, Mina Miyoko and Berta Bogdal. This highly creative adventure saw the children investigate their environment, sing, dance and even eat and drink in their surroundings on this cold but sunny day. Feedback from one child as simply “The best trip I have ever been on” sums up the enthusiasm on the day.

Miss Hao visits P7!

It has been an exciting morning in P7! We are very lucky to have Miss Hao working with us on our cluster transition topic, Chinese New Year. We have enjoyed learning about the Chinese language, especially how to pronounce our names correctly. It is very interesting to learn about the different dialects and the 56 multi-cultures within China. We are looking forward to progressing with this and showcasing what we have been learning at our launch in February.