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P3b have a had a super week this week! We are loving our Katie Morag topic and learning all about life on an island. We have been learning about the characters and also using the atlas to search for the Island of Coll, which is where Katie Morag’s fictional island of Struay is based on! We also looked at Google Earth, searching for Livingston and Coll!

In maths we have been partitioning hundreds, tens and ones and we getting more and more confident with every activity! In literacy we have been developing our dictionary skills and applying our knowledge of ‘alphabetical order’. We have even started making our own P3b class dictionary!
Ask us to sing the French numbers song too, we have actions to build to 20!

A fun week of learning in P3b

We have had a busy time in P3b this week! We started the week with a dance session with dance teacher Amy, where we enjoyed some contemporary dancing with a ‘Scottish twist’! We are looking forward to learning the next part of the dance routine on Monday 26th!

Ronald Dahl has been a big focus this week as it was his 100th birthday on Tuesday. We LOVE Roald Dahl in P3b and have had many laughs reading ‘The Twits’! This week, we have been creating Mr Twit’s beard and even finding out our names if we were a Roald Dahl character! Come and ask us more about it! We have also been talking about adjectives and coming up with some amazing examples to describe The Twits and other characters we have created this week!

On Wednesday at PE, we worked in teams and played the ‘raft game’- come and ask more about it and why we had to work together to be successful!

I maths we have been looking at ‘tens and ones’ and partitioning numbers. We are experts now at splitting numbers like 65 into tens and ones. We know that there are 6 sets of ten in 65 and 5 ‘ones’ left over! We have also been developing our mental arithmetic skills everyday, too!

We hope everyone has a lovely holiday weekend!

P7 portraiture and proportion

P7 portraiture P7 portraiture P7 portraiture
P7 have been working on facial proportions and enjoying some sketching. Look out for some Elizabethan inspired artwork during showtime! Did you know that painted portraits became very popular in the 1500’s? Actually, around the time Shakespeare lived; he became somewhat of a celebrity and artists wanted to paint portraits of him!

March in P7

March is going to be an extremely busy month for us all in P7! Of course, we have our show to look forward to and we are rehearsing a lot (these show songs are really getting stuck in our heads now)! The show is called ‘Shakespeare Rocks’ and yes…you guessed it, it’s all about William Shakespeare! It’s very funny and we can’t wait for the whole school and our families to see it; we’re working very hard! We are really enjoying the whole experience and it is also giving us the opportunity to learn about Shakespeare too!

There are two opportunities to see the show, with an afternoon and evening performance. All P7 children were given a letter with all the details regarding tickets last week. We also would like to ask that if anyone has any Tudor/Elizabethan costumes and you would consider kindly to loaning them to us for the performances, it would be much appreciated! All costumes would be returned to you after the last performance!
All P7 children were sent home with a maths booklet with different concepts for them to apply the maths skills they have been developing at school. We have worked extremely hard in maths over the last few weeks identifying strategies and using our ‘How to..’ jotter to record what we have been learning.

Don’t forget you should also be learning lines for the show and learning the lyrics for all eight songs (which are included in the script).
Not long now until ‘showtime’ and we can’t wait!

P7 – A Busy Few Weeks!

We are all excited to start Term 2 of P7 (can you believe it?!) and look forward to all of the new challenges it brings. We had a very busy few weeks before the October break and the holiday was well deserved! Camp was a huge success and the children were fantastic. Each child demonstrated enthusiasm and particpated in all activities, whether they were taking part, ‘belaying’ or encouraging their peers. It was inspiring to see how the boys and girls were so supportive of each other! Thanks to parents and carers for their support with camp preparations, too!
The week after camp was extremely busy too! On Tuesday, we visited the Sky Skills Academy and learnt how to make a news report for TV. We learned so many skills that we can transfer and take back to school. Directors, producers, camera operators, reporters, witnesses, and editors were just a few of the jobs involved. Mrs Carral and Miss Brown were sure they could spot a few future stars and ‘Oscar worthy’ performances! There were some fantastic individuals behind the camera too who kept things running so smoothly!
Then, on Wednesday, we visited The James Young High High School for the German Language Adventure, where we played some fun games and learned German phrases! We explored JYHS to find various clues and questions. It was great to explore the high school too, especially for those of us that will be going there next year!
On Thursday, P7a visited Lowport where they enjoyed cycling and canoeing after winning the ‘Cycle to School Competition’ when they were in P6. They had another action packed, fun filled day, gaining confidence and new skills!
Term 2 is another busy one, with our upcoming camp assesmbly, where we will be sharing with the other pupils our experience and some advice (especially for P6!) about what to expect! We will also be preparing for a Children In Need assembly so we encourage all the boys and girls to think about at home some fun ideas! Our WWII topic will be starting soon and we are sure the children will be excited to share what they know about the topic and what we will be learning.

P6; a busy few weeks!



IMG_1084P6 have had a busy few weeks and are now preparing and thinking about our responsibilities when we start P7. Most of us have been given a new P1 as a buddy; some of us met our buddy last week and enjoyed getting to know them. We have discussed the responsibilities that go with this job and we are all committed to ensuring that our new buddy is happy and enjoying their first year at Williamston! The rest of us can’t wait to meet our buddies when they come for their visit in a couple of weeks! In other news, we have been working hard to learn plural rules and apply this in our writing; we have learned 8 different plural rules so far and we all feel much more confident about singular and plural rules! We also enjoyed our recent group activity where we were asked to source materials to make a sukkot. Sukkot commemorates the years that the Jews spent in the desert on their way to the Promised Land, and celebrates the way in which God protected them under difficult desert conditions. Jewish families will build an open air structure in which to live during this holiday. The essential thing about the hut is that it should have a roof of branches and leaves, through which those inside can see the sky, and that it should be a temporary and flimsy thing. We think our attempts were very successful, although not life size, this activitiy really helped with our understanding of this Jewish festival.

P7b Photography vs Drawing!




image explored mixed media today using a range of iconic images combined with some surrealist drawing! They were asked to think about how they use their pencil as a tool and how well they can control it when it comes to sketching and shading. They used their imagination to produce some exciting, surrealist images! The process and end product was successful and allowed us to explore different approaches to drawing.

P2 Fingerprint Art!

P2 worked hard today in their first art session with Miss Notman! We looked at the artwork of Ed Emberley and we were inspired to create our own ‘fingerprint zoo’. We used paint for the fingerprints and then added detail with a black pen. It was important for us to learn that our hands are an important tool in art, too! We produced very creative and vibrant work today!

P6 book is complete!

It’s been a busy few weeks in P6 and we are pleased to tell you all that we have now completed our book! The illustrations and story are now complete and on their way to the publisher! We are very excited to see it! The workshops with Mary T Thomson were great; we learnt so much about the process of writing a book. We also learned a lot about ourselves with the the various personality workshops that we took part in when coming up with characters for the book!
We enjoyed our French day, we tasted different French foods, looked at various phrases that we could use and even become impressionists for the day and took inspiration from French artist Monet…photos to follow when our masterpiece is complete! We also made some beautiful European landmark collages as part of our Europe topic, too! We have been working hard in maths, covering lots of concepts, keeping on top of our number work and times tables!
We look forward to our last term in P6, when we will find out news about buddies and take on some big responsibilities! Happy Easter!

P6 find out: How do our brains work?

Primary 6 have had great time learning about the brain in an interactive and engaging way! We made our brains using various materials to demonstrate the parts of the brain that are vital in controlling how our body moves and perceives the world around us! The brain is a very complex and powerful control centre, and our hats show that different parts of the brain are in charge of different things in our body! Ask a Primary 6 more about the brain and its important functions!