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News from P2/1 and P2A

This week Primary 2 were given their first spelling words. We got to practise making these words in class and at home. Our teachers are very impressed with all the chalking, painting and creative activities we have used to help us learn our words. Thank you to all the boys and girls who remembered to return their books on Friday. Our teachers love how we have covered our jotters.

We are can’t wait for next week…. we think we might be counting up to and backwards from 100 . Will we be able to do it?

We really enjoyed being illustrators this week and listening to the Castle Adventure Story. Where will the Magic Key take us next week ?

We were so glad that Shark in the Park on a Windy Day  was the most popular book of the stories read over the tannoy.  It was so funny , we loved it ! What books are you going to read over the weekend?


Primary 2 and Primary 2/1

The boys and girls in Primary 2 and Primary 2/1 have had  a very busy week. The week started with a mini-beast hunt on Monday afternoon. It was so much fun looking under leaves, poking the dirt with sticks and trying to find all the mini-beast hiding places. We cannot wait to do this again when we go on our park visit on Thursday 27th October. Let’s hope it is a dry day. Thank you to all parents and carers who have returned their permission slips.

Our sound for this week is ue/u-e/oo/ew. Watching the ‘Alphablocks’ film clip really helps us to think of lots of words. Perhaps we could be sound detectives when we are on holiday next week. Why not post any words you find on the blog?

We have been busy working with numbers up to 70 this week. Our teachers think we are getting so much better at counting backwards. We love playing the 3,2,1 game. We have also been trying to use the most efficient way of finding the answer to add and subtraction sums. It is so helpful listening to how other boys and girls find their answers. After the October holiday we are going to take part in a weekly speed challenge. Our teachers always tell us if you know your little sums you can do your big sums!

This week we were also thinking about Harvest. During Circle Time we shared what we were thankful for.

Some thoughts from the boys and girls:

Emily – I am thankful for broccoli.

Carlie – I am thankful for tomatoes.

Max – I am thankful for pumpkins and carrots.

Sam T – I am thankful for Weetabix.

Jasmine, Daniel & Mekhi – I am thankful for strawberries.

Lily – I am thankful for the harvest.

Jessica – I am thankful for the flowers.