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The Last Monster in Scotland

In Primary 4, we are busy, busy , busy rehearing for our upcoming show, The Last Monster in Scotland. We have been singing, dancing and acting, as well as designing and painting scenery. Mrs Thomson (drama) and Ms MacDonald (music) have been helping us lots. Next on the list will be costumes, props and the programme….

The show will be on Monday 22nd June and there will be two performances (morning and evening). Letters about ticket orders were sent home today. Please place orders by Monday 8th June 2015. Thanks!

P7b Photography vs Drawing!




image explored mixed media today using a range of iconic images combined with some surrealist drawing! They were asked to think about how they use their pencil as a tool and how well they can control it when it comes to sketching and shading. They used their imagination to produce some exciting, surrealist images! The process and end product was successful and allowed us to explore different approaches to drawing.

P2 Fingerprint Art!

P2 worked hard today in their first art session with Miss Notman! We looked at the artwork of Ed Emberley and we were inspired to create our own ‘fingerprint zoo’. We used paint for the fingerprints and then added detail with a black pen. It was important for us to learn that our hands are an important tool in art, too! We produced very creative and vibrant work today!

Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch

IMG_0387In primary 2 and primary 2/1 there has been a buzz of excitement this week for the beginning of a brand new topic!  We were all so excited and happy to discover our new topic is The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch.  So far, this week we have spent time discussing what we know already and what we would like to find out and which activities would make this topic super interesting.  Primary 2b investigated the use of pulleys, primary 2/1 created lighthouses using technology and primary 2a  spent some time outside using chalk to create a lighthouse picture.IMG_0385IMG_0377

Photography Competition

The International group have launched their Scottish photography competition! The competition is open to all pupils from Nursery to P7 and runs from now until 15th May 2015. Children are invited to enter a photograph that represents Scotland in some way, for example a landscape, a landmark, an animal or food. More details are available from the International Group reps. This competition is run in partnership with the Universal School in Mumbai, and the winning entries will be included in exhibitions in both schools. Good luck and have fun!

Outstanding Olivia!

P7 have had a fantastic time performing their spectacular junior production of Olivia! Our final performance was for the infants on Monday afternoon and we cannot believe it is all over!
Everyone gave it their all and were so enthusiastic which allowed us to create an outstanding atmosphere, not just within the cast but in the audience too!
This show was definitely not put together over night as we remember just sitting with a script and a hope that it would all come together in time.
Our show included so many different characters from a different range of plays, novels and movies which made it such an exciting story.
P7 would like to thank everyone for coming along and giving lots of support, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Olivia 1

Olivia 2

Olivia the musical!

P7 are having an amazing time working on our Junior Production of ‘Olivia’, which includes lots of different characters from other musicals, books and films.
We have already started on our dress rehearsals while the prop and art group have been working on backdrops and props. The choreography and ICT groups have also been working especially hard to get everything together in time.
As for the cast, they have been working very hard on their lines, singing and accents as well as acting!
We can’t wait to show everyone our hard work and we hope you enjoy it!
Olivia rehearsals

Olivia rehearsals

Arts and Craft after school club.

IMG_0235Today in our arts and craft after school club we made beautiful rainbow wind chimes.  We painted our wind chimes and even had a go of mixing colours together to make green and red before gluing tissue paper on to create our chimes.  I’m sure you will agree that these are very pretty and will be beautiful hanging at our windows for the spring breeze, which will arrive soon we hope!IMG_0232