Value of the Month – Excellence – November

As part of our Religious and Moral Education values programme we are wishing to engage parents in discussing this value at home with your children and family to deepen their understanding of the importance of the value and what it can mean to us as individuals.

We are sharing some starter questions and prompts for families to help with this discussion.

Please find below some examples of discussion questions for you to use at home, these are not exhaustive nor do they need to be discussed in order and please feel free to add others of your own.

If you wish you can record this in your child’s homework jotter  through notes or drawing or  if a parent could write ‘ Ask me about our family discussion on Excellence ‘ in your child’s HW  jotter. Some stages have included this in their home learning grids and recording that this has happened can be indicated on the sheet and on the back of the sheet.

NOVEMBER -Our value of the month is EXCELLENCE

What do you think the value means to you?

What do you think would make an excellent school?

What do you think would make an excellent holiday?

What do you think makes excellent behaviour?

Can you give examples of people you think show excellence in their lives?

Our value assembly for Excellent was about Children in Need – Be a hero.-How did you help to be part of this?

Thank you

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