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Welcome Back Update from P6a and P6b

Welcome back to our new P6 classes, we are delighted that they seem to have had a varied and enjoyable summer.

We asked the children to reflect on their first 2 weeks in their new classes or on what they are looking forward to this school year and here is a selection of their comments:

I am looking forward to internet safety lessons and using the laptops to do various activities to do with our learning.                                                                                                       Callum M P6a

I am looking forward to getting our letters back from our Indian pen pals.

 Hannah G P6a

I absolutely loved the basketball trials.  

 Prentice D P6b

I enjoyed doing the class charter and we have done a maths assessment.

Jayden G P6b

I learned about William Shakespeare in Drama, he was born in the 1500s.

Katie A P6b

I really liked the Williamston World Records.

 Lucas K P6a

It was wonderful doing the ‘all about me’ t-shirts.

Harvey B P6b

I enjoyed designing the footprint.

 Ethan L P6a


We are looking forward to welcoming you into our classrooms on Wednesday evening!

Mrs Murray and Mrs Ford

Session 2017-2018 P7 Residential Information – Lagganlia Information for P6 pupils and families.


Monday 9th January – P6 Parent information session

For Session 17 18 for our P7 residential experience we are going to Lagganlia Outdoor Education Centre. Please find attached relevant information.

We hope as many of you will go as possible.

Thank you

Pupil Council Minutes 8 02 16

8th February, This week we have spoken about our I journals and what we thought we could improve or see more of in our I journals and what we liked about them here are some of our opinions

  • We like looking back to see our learning from the past
  • We love remembering the memories
  • We love putting things in to remember them as years go on
  • We want to see more of our work In our I journals
  • We want to see more photos of ourselves
  • We want to see more of our personal achievements.
  • We want to also see more art work and music work

We have been thinking about our report cards and we have asked the little ones who the think should write their report cards most said school staff and some said us and our mums and dads. We also asked them what should be included in the report cards they said a small report on music and drama, our behaviour ,our best work ,comments on work, our learning experiences and a learning profile.


Pupil council have been looking at organising some activities for example fun days, more playground toys. We have also been looking more closely at your learning. We have a group of pupils working on bullying and how we can stop it happening around our school.

Like we said last week about the groups this week we have made posters and you will see them dotted around the school.

That is all we have to say for this week.

By Ruby and Ellie

Pupil Council Minute 25th January and 1st Feburary 2016

25th January -Last week pupil council focused on voting and hearing peoples speeches on what role they want to play in pupil council and we came to our decision that our roles were Amy Wright and Anna Wallace as chair people, Ruby Wallace and Ellie Arthurs as secretaries, Jessica Douglas as link officer and Chloe Caruthers as our treasurer.

1st February -This week pupil council focused on what we think we could do for the school to make it a better place. We had many ideas from you and we had a discussion on what ones we could achieve. We finally decided on them and put them into groups. Anna and Amy sorted us into them and we thought of some ideas then we shared them in front of the group. We wonder what next week will bring!!!!

By Ruby & Ellie