Transition to Balbardie Primary School

On Friday Balbardie PS welcomed our nursery children for a fun filled stay and play morning. The children attended P2’s fantastic Safari themed assembly where some of our children’s siblings were performing. We then joined Mrs Mansfield and Miss Holwill for story time and a P1 classroom experience followed by a run around in the infant playground.

Please continue to check our Twitter @WLBEYCBLOG and transition notice board for any transition updates. 

Transition to St Mary’s Primary School

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Reminder: Please return permission forms included in school packs. 

Group A: AM Children
P1 Classroom – stay and play – Wednesday 29th May. 9.20-10.20am
(Nursery Staff to take children to this visit) 


Group B: PM Children
Treasure Hunt & Games – Wednesday 15th May 1.45pm – 2.30pm
(Nursery Staff to take children to this visit) 

P1 Classroom – stay and play – Thursday 30th May 1.45pm – 2.45pm
(Nursery staff to take children to this visit) 


ALL CHILDREN – GROUP A AND B – Classroom Visit
Wednesday 12th June – 9.15am – 10.15am
Parents to bring your child to the infant playground in school for 9.15am and pick up children from behind the red line infant playground at 10.15am. 





Transition to Balbardie Primary School

Please click on the link below to see a copy of the Balbardie PS Stay, Play and Learn letter.
Miss Kelly will be at Balbardie to welcome the nursery children, if you have any questions regarding Stay & Learn, please don’t hesitate to speak to the nursery staff.
Balbardie Stay and Learn – letter BEYC

Balbardie PS current P1’s have created a ‘Tour of our School’ video. Please click on the link below to view this with your child.

Wrigley Litter Less Campaign – THANK YOU

A big thank you to all staff, children, parents and members of our community who have supported BEYC in our participation in the Wrigley Litter Less Campaign over the last few months. We have now submitted our final report for the Campaign and it was fantastic to discover that the amount of litter we found actually decreased each time. (and also the number of trolleys in the burn went down from 8 to 1!) We saw a heron bird near the water for the first time on our walk on Wednesday.  The children were really happy about this as they will often mention that litter is dangerous for animals and birds.   We enjoyed a “Green Day” on Wednesday to celebrate being awarded another eco green flag and this also coincided with a day of litter picking in the nursery grounds as part the National Spring Clean with Keep Scotland Beautiful.  Lovely to see Eric the dog again too.


Eco day 24th April

Wrigley Litter Less Campaign
As well as our last Wrigley Litter Less Campaign Litter walk at 9am on the cycle path and also the Keep Scotland Beautiful National Spring  Clean taking place in our grounds all day, Miss Heenan, Mrs Ola and Margaret are also organising an Eco day for the 24th April.  This will incorporate the previously mentioned activities as well as other Eco/green activities such as planting seeds and tidying our garden and orchard.  Weather permitting we will have a picnic outdoors and we would ask children to wear the colour green on this day if they wish. Eric the Dog mascot will be visiting too for our Eco day!

We were delighted to find out recently that BEYC have successfully renewed its green flag status for Eco Schools and we hope to receive the report and new green flag to share with you soon.



Bathgate Procession Costumes

Mrs McKay and her helpers are doing a great job in preparing the costumes for Galaday but they could do with a bit more help. If you can spare anytime during the week or can take things home to work on please speak to Mrs McKay. 

Granny Tonti was keen to bring the sewing machine into nursery to share her skills, many of our children were excited by the machine and spent a long period of time observing and holding the material. This practical life skill is something we are looking to develop in our Early Learning and Childcare setting, if you would like to assist with this please speak to staff members

‘Its noisy’

‘When you go really fast’

‘I can see the needle go up and down’

Thank you Granny Tonti 

New Life at BEYC

Our chicks arrived at BEYC and were in our story corner for a few weeks. We had a great experience and responsibility while taking care of these animals. This was a super learning experience for the children looking at new life and life cycles. We’re looking forward to seeing this topic expand.

Please have a look at our Sway Link above.  Sway is an online Microsoft presentation programme.  Tap/click on the right arrow to scroll through the presentation and view the photos and videos.  When you see a ‘stack’ of photos, tap/click on each photo to flick through the stack.