Afternoon at the fire pit.

This afternoon we got the fire pit out and together begun to make the fire.
The children helped shred the wood , put twigs and sticks  into the fire pit  and made  a spark with the flint.
Throughout the  fire pit activity ,children developed their awareness of fire safety rules.
Please see the children  comments :
”If  you touch the fire you will get burn ”
”Yes and this is very sore”  
 ” We not allow to go over the yellow line ” 
” Only  an  adult can set the fire up ”  

” Water puts fire out ”

And then  children’s curiosity ……………
Why is the smoke white”  

‘Why dose the fire dance ” ” Looks like  orange
” Why dose smoke smell like that
” Can we cook in the fire ”
‘ Yeah Marshmallows”
”Burned toast”
”Chocolate ” 



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