Discovery Bottle Activity – We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

Following on from yesterday’s try at home Bear Hunt activity today we would like to share an activity inspired by one of our most popular and highly requested stories to read at nursery. We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.

Discovery bottles can help enrich your child’s experience while listening to a story and help them to connect with the words in the book. While reading or listening to the book ask your child to find the matching bottle listening out for words which describe the objects inside e.g Squelch/ Stumble building on their vocabulary and early literacy skills.
Please watch the video at the bottom of this post to listen to the story and play along.

What you will need:
Clear bottles/ jam or coffee jars/ zip lock food bag
White Paper or cotton wool

Fill up the clear container to resemble the Grass, River, Mud, Forrest and Snowstorm in the story. While creating the discovery containers your child will be developing their fine motor skills.  

Mrs Bonnar and her family had great fun completing this activity have a look at the photos below.


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