Online Learning Journals

We are very pleased to have started the process of moving to Online Learning Journals, hopefully you have been able to create your own account and password to access your child’s profile.
If not please ask for another permission form asap to return to nursery to allow Miss Kelly to set your details and create the profile.

We are hoping to hold an AM & PM workshop to support parents access their child’s journals after the September holiday please check back for a date.

You will be able to view an entry for Literacy, Numeracy, Motivating and Challenging Contexts and Health and Wellbeing, over a course of a term. The observation entry will ping into your email account which will then provide you with a link to view your child’s profile.
In the mean time we would love to see some entries from home, this can be completed through the ‘Learning from home’ tab on the left hand side. The children can then share this with their peers using the Promethean Panel at group time.

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