‘Our Story’ Feedback

In November we introduced a new free literacy iPad app called ‘ Our Story (See link below). We have been using the app  nursery to create digital books, focusing on key vocabulary from our Learning Story topics.

We had hoped we would be able to share these with you at home by sharing  links to the stories but unfortunately the links have had error messages.  We have contacted the app developers and made suggestions for what we think would make sharing of the app more successful.

Has anyone given the app a try at home?  We would love to hear what you thought of it and find out what you made your digital stories all about.  Please leave some feedback or questions in the comments box below if you have any, or alternatively you can email Miss Wilkinson eva.wilkinson@westlothian.org.uk


*The record-able whiteboard part of the video was created on an app called Doodlecast Pro (works on devices below iOS 11 update).


Try at Home Literacy Ipad App.

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