Theatre production for the early years department

Yesterday the nursery children were very lucky to have a special performance from a theatre company .  The children were all thrilled with the singing, dancing, music and the story of the woodland, how the characters over came challenge, fears ,built self esteem and helped each other to succeed. At the end they were invited to explore the props with the cast.

What makes a fairytale a fairytale?

Primary 1/2 spend the morning investigating fairytales. We wanted to know exactly what a fairytale needs in order for it to be a fairytale.

We began by collecting all of our ideas in our class floor book. Mrs Cree helped by creating a fairytale checklist. We then worked in groups to investigate four fairytales with our checklist.

After a thorough investigation, we decided that all fairytales should have:

  • a baddie
  • a goody
  • ‘Once upon a time…’
  • bright, nice pictures
  • a happy ending

We are goi