Primary 5 have started their journey into space through their topic. We have discussed what we already know and what we would like to know. We added this to our floorbook and we can’t wait to add lots more information and facts to it as we go along.

What we know:

  • space has no gravity
  • Neil Armstrong was the first man on the Moon
  • there are craters on the Moon
  • there are 8 planets
  • the Earth was made by the Big Bang.

What we want to know:

  • what are the planets made of?
  • more about all the planets
  • can we live on Mars?
  • when is the next eclipse?
  • Are there more than 2 galaxies?
  • How hot is the Sun?
  • How big is the Sun?
  • Why are there craters on the Moon?

We can’t wait to share what we learn about space with you.