Primary 5 had a fabulous day today conducting a variety of experiments in class related to changes.

They looked at colour change and change in state.

3 experiments included:

  • fizzy colours
  • paper towel colour mixing
  • cornflour slime.

The children completed science reports on each and came up with their predicitons for each experiment before conducting it.


The children had an excellent time participating in these experiments and worked together in small groups sharing ideas.

They then came up with their findings and conclusions for their reports.

Fizzy colours


  • when the vinegar was added to the food colouring it made it go lighter
  • paintbrushes didn’t work for adding the vinegar to bicarbonate of soda so we poured small amounts in.
  • when the vinegar interacted with the bicarbonate of soda it erupted, puffed up, got bigger and fizzed up.
  • we learned that it gave off a gas and that this gas was carbon dioxide.
  • bicarbonate of soda = alkali
  • vinegar = acid.


Paper Towel Colour Mixing


  • the food colouring became lighter when water was mixed with it.
  • the paper towel became soggy when inserted into coloured water
  • water travelled up the paper towel because the paper towel soaked it up (absorbed it)
  • the coloured water began to mix when they both moved up the paper towel to create the colour purple.


Tomorrow the children will finish their report on Cornflour slime and reflect on their findings.

Photos to follow of these fab experiments.

Fair to say that the children enjoyed their science day and will hopefully have more science experiments to report on.