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As you will now from previous communications, SQA has changed its processes around Appeals and from the 2014 diet onwards has introduced ‘Results Services’. Two services are available: Exceptional Circumstances Consideration Service; and Post-results Service.

The Exceptional Circumstances Consideration Service is used during the examination diet for candidates where specific contexts existed which may have had an impact on their examination performance.

The Post-results Service runs after candidates have received their certificates. Following analysis of SQA results, if the school is concerned by a candidate’s result, we can request a Clerical Check and/or a Marking Review of the script – the ‘script’ is the name given to the candidate’s exam answer paper.

There is no consideration of ‘alternative evidence’ with this service – the school cannot submit evidence of candidate performance to justify our concern and no such evidence will be considered by SQA in making a determination.

The Clerical Check and/or Marking Review can lead to a change of grade either up or down.

If the grade changes, then SQA will issue a new certificate to the candidate and no charge is made. If the original grade remains unchanged, then the school will be charged for this service.

Clerical Check

If the school submits a request for a Clerical Check of a candidate’s exam script, SQA checks that:

  • all parts of the script have been marked;
  • the marks given for each answer on the script have been totalled correctly; and
  • the correct total/result was entered into the system for that script (the system evaluates all the results received in the different parts of the Course, in order to calculate the final grade).

Subjects that have been e-marked are not eligible for a Clerical Check. When a subject is e-marked, the Clerical Check process is carried out automatically prior to the result being issued.

Where a subject has components that are both traditionally marked and e-marked, only the traditionally marked component will be eligible for a Clerical Check.

Subjects that are e-marked are, however, eligible for the Marking Review process.

Marking Review

If the school submits a request for a marking review of a candidate’s exam script, this will include:

  • a Clerical Check (same as above); and
  • a review by a Senior Examiner of the marks that the candidate was given for each question and/or externally assessed component of the Course assessment, to check whether the original marking was in line with the national standard.

A Post-results Service request cannot be submitted if a candidate has already been through the Exceptional Circumstances Consideration Service.

Decisions about eligibility for the Post-results Service will be taken by Mr Sherry, Head Teacher, and Miss Pollock, Depute Head Teacher, based on evidence and advice from Principal Teachers Learning & Teaching.


If a candidate is dissatisfied with the decision taken by the school, then they can appeal. Such appeals must be submitted in writing to Mr Sherry, Head Teacher, or Miss Pollock, Depute Head Teacher, at least seven working days prior to the end of the SQA submission window (see below). The appeal will be considered by Mr Sherry, Head Teacher, and Miss Pollock, DHT. Appeals will be considered on the basis of the criteria set out above and will be final.

Further information about the SQA Results Services can be found at:

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