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New House Group at LGS

Following the thorough nomination process which took place over March/April 2019 the name and colour of the new House Group was revealed during an assembly on Tuesday 23rd April 2019.

We are proud to say that the 6th House Group at Lanark Grammar School will be called Clyde House and its associated colour will be Purple.

For those interested, a quick breakdown of numbers are as follows;

  • 128 votes cast by pupils
  • 35 votes cast by parents
  • 11 votes cast by staff
  • 174 votes were cast overall
  • 24 different House Group name nominations (within the rules)
  • 8 different House Group colour nominations (within the rules)

Thank you for your participation and support with this addition to our school.

Mr Allan Campbell

Principal Teacher of Pupil Support

New House Group

With the addition of a 6th Pupil Support teacher in August 2018, we have taken the decision to add a 6th House Group to Lanark Grammar School. This will take effect from August 2019.

The pupils currently in 1B1, 1L2, 2J2, 3W2, 4H2 and SB3 will all form the new House Group.

Pupils and staff will participate in the nomination process for House Group name and colour.

Parents/Guardians of pupils in these classes are also invited to participate in the nomination process. This can be done through accessing the Google Form link below.

Thank you for your support

Mr Allan Campbell

Principal Teacher of Pupil Support