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Eco-schools pop-up garden

Hi everyone, hope you’ve all had a great Easter Holiday. We’ve had some beautiful weather and I’ve been seeing the benefits of the sunshine in my garden and on my local walks. It would be a great time to take advantage of this lovely weather by designing and making a pop-up pocket garden. The Eco-Committee are planing to make this into a competition so if you are interested then head over to the Eco-Schools website and click on Pop-up pocket garden to get details and ideas to make your very own👍
remember to take photos and share with us,

Mrs Ellis


Eco Classroom


A wee reminder to everyone in the Eco-Committee, I have set up an Eco-Committee  google classroom and invited all P3-P7 committee members to join, I would encourage you to join so you can share your great Eco ideas. Committee members in P1 and P2 ,I’ll get your help and ideas through seesaw.

Thanks so much

Mrs Ellis ♻️👍

Our Eco Committee:

Mrs Pirrie and Mrs Ellis would like to introduce our Eco Committee Members to the St Fergus Primary School Blog.  Arturo, Daniel, Mason, Anthony, Emily, Toni Lee, Aiden, Jay and Kayla. They have been working hard to promote our Eco-Schools Action Plan.