At the heart of nurture is a focus on wellbeing and relationships and a drive to support the growth and development of children and young people (1).

Why a Nurturing Approach?

A nurturing approach has been promoted as key to supporting mental health and wellbeing and attainment in Scottish schools. It is also recognised as one of the main ways of supporting the needs of children and young people who have experienced ACES and trauma (2).

Renfrewshire’s Nurturing Relationships Approach (RNRA) emphasises that relationships are at the heart of nurturing approaches and provides an implementation process for establishments to develop nurturing relationships across schools, ELCCs and communities.

What is Renfrewshire’s Nurturing Relationships Approach?

• RNRA increases knowledge of attachment theory and an understanding that early experiences can have a significant impact on development.
• RNRA helps staff to understand the key importance of nurturing relationships to children and young peoples’ mental health and wellbeing, social and emotional development and attainment.
• RNRA supports Staff to put key principles of nurturing practice in place across their establishment.

You can read a summary of research carried out on RNRA which evaluates the impact of this approach on staff and pupils here: RNRA summary for LA May 2020

The 6 Nurture Principles

• RNRA uses evidence-based approaches to implementation. Our Educational Psychologists and Principal Teachers provide training and ongoing coaching and support to all our RNRA establishments.

Our Implementation Arc


Who is already on board?
As of January 2020, 43 Primary Schools, 10 Secondary Schools, 1 Specialist Provision and the Flexible Learning Continuum Establishments are developing RNRA.
In the Early Years 12 Early Learning and Childcare Centres and 4 Partner Nurseries have engaged in the approach and our nursery classes are developing RNRA along with their schools.
This number is always changing as more Establishments come on board!

For lots more information check out our RNRA Blog

1.Applying Nuture as whole School Approach A framework to support self evaluation
2.Nurture, Adverse Childhood Experiences and Trauma-Informed Practice: Making the Links Between These Approaches (Education Scotland)