Skills for Recovery: Learning at home resources for Parents & Carers

REPS have developed two new digital leaflets in our Skills for Recovery series.

These leaflets are designed to offer support to parents and carers during periods of home learning (e.g. school closures and self-isolation).

The first leaflet offers some general advice about home learning. You can find it here.

The second leaflet offers some support for coping with our feelings when things become tricky. You can find it here

Skills for Recovery: New Digital Leaflets

Skills for Recovery: new digital leaflets launched!

We are pleased to be able to share our new resources to support the wellbeing of young people (secondary), all parents/carers & all staff.

We have worked with Renfrewshire’s Health & Wellbeing Development Officer to adapt the RNRA Skills For Recovery programme to make it more easily accessible and relevant for parents and staff at this stage in the pandemic.

There are 6 digital leaflets (Microsoft Sways) in this new series.  We hope these leaflets will be shared widely with all education staff and wider communities. We continue to work on refining these resources to ensure they meet the needs arising. There is a link to a very short questionnaire at the end of each digital leaflet which you can use to let us know how useful they have been.

Launch of ‘Skills for Recovery’


Dear Colleagues,

I would like to commend this excellent resource to you which has been developed by our Educational Psychology Service in partnership with our HWB Development Officer Fiona Hewitt. It is a perfect PSE programme to cover the first 6 weeks of term as of Monday 17th August (Week 1 video link will be live this week).

‘Skills for Recovery’ is a Renfrewshire resource developed for young people in our Secondary Schools and upper stages of Primary and for Staff in all sectors of education. Skills for Recovery is based on the Nurturing Wellbeing to Build Back Better’ materials developed by Renfrewshire’s Educational Psychology Service. The purpose of this resource is to promote clear messages across the authority about how we can support mental health and wellbeing of pupils and staff as we adapt to the changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

It provides practical help for pupils, staff and parents in the first 6 weeks after the summer holidays through weekly themes around dealing with change, understanding and naming our feelings, relationships, bouncing back and signposting to supports within the authority. Staff wellbeing is a significant focus of this resource.

The curricular aspect has been created as a ‘lift and go’ resource which you can find on the Health and Wellbeing blog (links below) and can be delivered within your allocated PSE/Health and Wellbeing time.  The resource contains key messages, practical activities for use with pupils and staff and useful reading, research and weblinks. It also consists of a series of six short videos with a reflection task which can also be shared through your digital platforms to pupils and parents/carers.  The videos contain messages from some key figures and support staff within Renfrewshire Council.  These will also be shared on Renfrewshire Council’s Twitter and Facebook pages.

Julie Calder
Head of Service (Curriculum and Quality)


Coping During Covid Helpline

Over the summer break, we are accepting referrals to our Coping During Covid Helpline directly from parents and carers. If you are worried about your own or your child’s wellbeing due to the impact of COVID-19, please get in touch.

Email us at and someone will get in touch for further information so we can put you in touch with the right person.

We know that there is a lot of uncertainty at this time about nurseries and schools returning after the summer break, but unfortunately we are unable to provide any additional information or advice about this. Please continue to check Renfrewshire Council’s website, social media, and your child’s establishment’s communications for recent updates.

RICE – 5 Point Scale Resources

The Renfrewshire’s Inclusive Communication Environments (RICE) group have created resources based on ‘My Incredible 5 Point Scale’ by Kari Dunn Buron to support children’s wellbeing. These resources are easy for children and young people to understand and can be used with whole classes (e.g. during a morning check-in) or individually to create a plan for a pupil. We have provided example cards of strategies that children might use at each point of the scale but feel free to create your own.

If you would like more information on this or RICE, please contact Catriona May (

5 Point Scale – One Page

5 Point Scale A4 Posters

5 Point Scale Cards for A4 Posters

5 Point Scale Lanyard Cards

Wellbeing & Nurture Questionnaires

Staff Wellbeing & Nurture Questionnaire template:

Child and Parent/Carer Wellbeing & Nurture template:

Log in to Glow, click on of the above links which will take you to Glow Forms. Press ‘duplicate it’. You can then edit these surveys for your own use.

Launch of ‘Nurturing Wellbeing to Build Back Better: A Closer Look at Trauma Informed Practice

This resource is intended to be used alongside Renfrewshire Educational Psychology Service’s ‘Nurturing Wellbeing to Build Back Better’ resources:

‘Nurturing Wellbeing to Build Back Better: A Summary of Trauma Informed Priorities for Educational Establishments.’

‘Nurturing Wellbeing to Build Back Better: A Trauma Informed Resource.’

The suggestions provided within these resources will support most staff, children and young people, families and educational communities in recovering well from the effects of COVID-19. However, those who have been most severely affected, or who have had other traumatic experiences in their lives, may benefit from the more trauma specific approaches detailed in this resource. Please note that these resources are intended for educational establishments and are not a substitute for trauma- specific interventions from trained professionals.

RNRA BBB A Closer Look at Trauma Informed Practice

I trust that this resource will enhance your establishment’s ability to support all your children and young people return and reconnect with education. Please get in touch with Michael Harker, if you wish further information about this, or the other resources that have been produced by the educational psychology service.


Gordon McKinlay

Head of Schools
Renfrewshire council