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Fairtrade Meeting May 18

At our last Fairtrade meeting, the group discussed Highs and Lows of the past year. The children have really enjoyed being part of the Fairtrade Committee and learning about Fairtrade.  Here they are showing off their Certificate which was awarded for being a great Fairtrade member.

Fairtrade at Lunch Club

Two representatives from our Fairtrade Committee attended the ‘Inchinnan Parish Church Thursday Lunch Club’ today.

They set up our Rice Challenge stall to help raise awareness of Fairtrade as well as selling some of our rice. We have sold 50 bags this week already!

Thank you to the Minister Anne Knox and lunch club team for their support as well as the kind donations.

Our Stall

Kind lady who donated money towards the Rice Challenge.

Emma and Kiara having a quick lunch before the rush!

Using our enterprise skills  is such hard work!

Our Rice Stall is set up in the school, please feel free to pop in and buy a bag of rice for £3 and help the Fairtrade Committee reach their target.

Fairtrade Coffee Event

The Fairtrade Committee had a real busy day preparing for the Fairtrade Coffee Afternoon on Thursday 8th March. The members of the committee spent a morning making cakes for the event.

We are excited to be making cakes!

Councillor Michelle Campbell came to Inchinnan Primary and gave the committee a helping hand on the day and it was a great success.

We made nearly 80 cakes

James and Kiara from the committee were welcoming the parents to our Coffee Afternoon!

This week is the start of our 90kg Rice Challenge Stall. Our committee have two weeks to sell 90 bags of rice. If we sell all the bags, the money raised sends a Malawian Child to High School for a year.

We sold 24 bags already at our coffee afternoon. What a great start!

A raffle  to win Fairtrade Goodies was on sale at the coffee afternoon and over the next couple of days too. It  will be drawn in a week.

It was a very busy afternoon.

Thank you to all who supported the school to raise awareness of Fairtrade and a big thank you also for the donations of home baking.

It is very much appreciated.




Fairtrade Workshop

Four members of our committee spent the day with Rainbow Turtle in Paisley. They met two coffee producers from  the Mzuzu Coffee Planters Co-operative.


They learned about the 10 principles of Fairtrade, completed tasks with other children from other school, learned about Malawi and deepened their knowledge of Fairtrade and how it can promote human values.


An interesting fact of the day – The coffee plant that grows in Malawi originated from The Royal Edinburgh Botanic Garden.

February 2018 Update

At today’s meeting the group looked at a Powerpoint which explained about the upcoming Malawi Farmers 90kg Rice Challenge which will begin in the school on the 5th March during Fairtrade Fortnight. We discussed promotion, recipes, ideas and allocated jobs to ensure it will be a success. A letter / leaflet will be designed by the younger members and given out to pupils detailing information about the Rice Challenge and our upcoming Coffee Afternoon which will take place on Thursday 8th March at 1.45p.m.

In addition, Renfrewshire has been most fortunate this year in that two coffee producers from Malawi are in Scotland for a short visit. Three members of our team have been invited to the Rainbow Turtle Fairtrade Event in Paisley on 5th March to meet the producers and learn more about the part we play in Fairtrade.

January 2018

The Fairtrade Committee discussed activities to take place during Fairtrade Fortnight. A coffee afternoon will take place during February. In addition the children are keen to take part in a  ’90kg Rice Challenge’. JTS company provide 90kg rice  to sell – the amount of rice sold that would enable a Malawian farmer to pay for a year’s basic secondary education for one child.

The managing director of JTS is booked to speak during February at Assembly to discuss other Fairtrade events. JTS is based in Paisley. It is a fair trade organisation set up to facilitate the import and distribution of fairly traded products to the UK.


Fairtrade Fortnight 2018  takes place between Monday 26 February to Sunday 11 March.

Fairtrade Fortnight aims to put a spotlight on trade. When trade is fair it has the potential to improve the lives of the farmers and workers who grow our food. When trade is fair, it can make the world a better place. Together we have that power, so get involved and be part of the difference.

With Fairtrade we have the power to change the world every day.

At our November Meeting our group discussed raising awareness of Fairtrade throughout the school community. We decided to look into what makes a ‘Fairtrade Village’ and how as a school we could take this forward.

We discussed ideas around the table for fundraising ideas to support our planned Fairtrade coffee morning in January.

Our Chairperson and Vice Chairperson would like to raffle a Fairtrade Prize at our School Christmas Fayre.

To finish off our meeting we had a getting to know you better activity. It was fun and entertaining.

At our October meeting, our Chairperson and Vice Chairperson, showed our group  a presentation about ‘The Story of the Brazil Nut’.

We were able to identify South America and the Equator and identify the physical characteristics of a rainforest and learn about the different layers.

We discussed how Brazil nuts survive and about the work of Brazil nut gatherers. Brazil nut gatherers work hard to protect areas of the rainforest where Brazil nuts grow.

We enjoyed the group quiz about Fairtrade produce.

Click below to take the quiz.

Quiz task 2017 Answer Sheet



Fairtrade Committee

This year the Fairtrade Committee will be led by Mrs. Hunter. The Chairperson is Emma and the Vice Chairperson is James.

Our hardworking committee secretaries are Alyssa and Kiara.

28th September 2017

We had a busy meeting. We voted for our Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson and Secretary.  Next we  also  discussed ideas on how we will try and promote Fairtrade in our school this year. Finally we played a maths game in pairs and made sure we played FAIRLY!

We also tasted some Cadbury chocolate who partner with the Fairtrade Foundation. They help improve the lives of cocoa farmers and their communities.