P7M – Speed, Distance & Time Homework

Please complete this in your Maths Homework jotter for Monday 5th June. Write the date, title and show all of your working. Write the answer in a sentence to show you have understood the question. You may use a calculator but show all of your working. Use the formula and example question below to help you achieve marks.

Example question: Andrew drove a distance 70 km in 2 hours. What is was his average speed?

speed = distance ÷ time so,  70km ÷ 2 = 35 km per hour

Andrew’s average speed was 35 kilometres per hour.

  1. Jason rides his bicycle for 3 hours at a speed to 40 km/h. What distance does he travel?
  2. The red bus takes 6 hours to cover a distance of 540 km. What is its speed of travel?
  3. Sue’s dog needs 4 hours to reach her house which is 20 km away. At what speed does it travel?
  4. The amusement park is 576 km away from Mel’s house. The speed limit is 90 km/h. His dad manages to drive there in 6 hours. Did Mel’s dad break the speed limit?
  5. Joey ran at a speed of 18 km/h for a total of 2 hours. How much distance did he cover?
  6. The Lockheed SR-71 was the fastest aircraft in the world and could fly at a maximum speed of 193 mph. Assuming it maintained this as its constant speed, how far could it travel in 5 hours?
  7. The Chinese CRH38OA is top dog in the world of fast trains with a top speed of 302 mph. What is its speed if it travels 750 miles in 2.5 hours?
  8. The British-made car Thrust SSC can do 380 miles in 0.5 hours. What is its speed
  9. The world’s fastest bus, designed by the American Paul Slender, has a top speed of 367 mph. How much distance can it cover in 3 hours?
  10. The fastest pushbike, a Varna Tempest ridden by Canadian Sam Whittington, can manage a top speed of 82 mph. How much distance can this cyclist cover in 10 hours?

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