Pedal Cinema

We had the pleasure of having the opportunity to run a Pedal Cinema.

Alice Arnott from I Bike brought along two bicycles which had to be pedalled by the children in order for them to watch short films.

As well as being fun, this did help to teach the children about the importance of sustainable energy.

Thank you to Alice!

I Bike Breakfast

On Friday, 3rd. November, Robyn Warburton and Dr Bike from Comrie Croft came to Braco Primary to promote cycling to school.

Everyone was invited to come along, if they wished, to a Breakfast run by Sustrans. Children were also offered the chance to have their bike checked over by Dr Bike.

In class Robyn held a short Get Together about her work and how she wants the children to be more interested in promoting cycling, walking even riding scooters to school. She will be returning again to help run another event.

Thanks to Robyn and the Comrie Crew for arranging this for the school.


Eco Green Flag!

Braco Primary School has now got its first Eco Green flag!

Congratulations to the Eco Committee, Mrs Ross and all the other boys and girls (and parents) who helped the school achieve its first Green flag.

Mrs Ross and the Eco Committee!

Mrs Ross and the Eco Committee!


Eco Poster Competition

The Eco Committee ran a competition for the whole school to design a poster encouraging everyone not to drop litter.

They were very pleased with all the entries they received.

Here are the pictures of the three runners-up and the overall winner!

Well done to everyone who entered the competition and hopefully Braco Primary will be a litter free school!

Eco Get Together

Today the Eco Committee took the assembly.

They reminded us of our Eco Code and how we can help our school be eco – friendly.

Each class has to demonstrate by next week what they have been learning related to the environment.

We also found out what each class has to find out about Food and the Environment.

☆Garden Opening☆

Today we had our grand opening of the gardens in our school.

It was a chance to say a big thank you to all the parents and other helpers who helped transform our north garden and nursery garden to what they are today!

P6/7 also read out thank you’s and Mrs Julie Davies officially opened the garden.

We then went round to the playground where all the children got to play a variety of games and parents were treated to strawberries and cream.

Thank you again to everyone who helped transform our gardens and to those who came along today.

The Big Pedal

The whole school took part in the Big Pedal which Mrs Glendinning arranged.

We tried to get as many children to come to school on their scooters or bicycles and staff and parents were encouraged to do so too.

Each day  a bike had a blue horn placed on it and whoever’s bike it was, won some goodies.

Our numbers significantly increased doing this by the last day.

Also on the last day we had great fun dressing up as superheroes.

Thank you to Mrs Glendinning for arranging this for us.