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Go for Gold and Celebration of Achievements Evening

Thank you to everyone who came along to our summer show and our Celebration of Achievements Evening!

The children were absolutely fantastic in their performance of their show Go for Gold! – A few budding actors and actresses to keep an eye out for in the future! Well done to all the children!!

This was followed by our special achievement awards for Responsible Citizen, Successful Learner, Confident Individual, Effective Contributor, The Joyce Armit Quaich, the Speakman Cup for Sport and  Best Improved Reader.

Well done to all our winners!!

Enjoy the photos!

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Shakespeare Rocks and the Celebration of Achievement Evening

P4-7 put on a brilliant performance last night of Shakespeare Rocks! The acting was amazing and there were even solo singing performances!

P1.2.3 were extra singers.

If you missed it, enjoy the photos!

This was then followed by our Celebration of Achievement Evening, where prizes for Responsible Citizen, Successful Learner, Confident Individual, Effective Contributor, the Joyce Armit Quaich, The Sports Cup and Best Reader. SDC13643 SDC13652 SDC13650 SDC13648 SDC13660 SDC13657 SDC13654 SDC13646 SDC13644 SDC13663 SDC13661

SDC13673 SDC13674 SDC13675 SDC13676 SDC13677 SDC13678 SDC13679


Active Kids

The whole school visited Active Kids in Stanley and had a fantastic time.

Popular activities were the go-karts, the fort, the mini zoo, the trampolines, the jelly beans and the fort.

Luckily the weather held out and we were able to enjoy all the outside activities.

SDC13614 SDC13615 SDC13617 SDC13620 SDC13621 SDC13623 SDC13624 SDC13625 SDC13626 SDC13627 SDC13628 SDC13629 SDC13633 SDC13634 SDC13635 SDC13636 SDC13637 SDC13638 SDC13639 SDC13640

Braco’s Got Talent!

What a treat we had in store for us this week!

Many children from the school wanted to show off their amazing talent!

This included singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, drawing, magic and eating nettles!

What a tough time the judges had trying to work out the winners!

Sorry some of the pictures are a little blurry!

The children who came third.
Our second place!
Our winner of Braco’s Got Talent!

SDC10335 SDC10337 SDC10338 SDC10340 SDC10342 SDC10344 SDC10346 SDC10355 SDC10356 SDC10360 SDC10366 SDC10367 SDC10369 SDC10370 SDC10371 SDC10372 SDC10374 SDC10377 SDC10379 SDC10380 SDC10383 SDC10384 SDC10386 SDC10388 SDC10391

Fun In The Park

Today, Wednesday 1st April, all the children of Braco and Greenloaning had a super time racing each other in different House races.

This included Relay Races, Scream Races (yes, really!) and circuit races.

We were also joined by some of the Nursery.

A Big Thank you to Mrs Goddard who helped to organise this and to Jog Dog Scotland who came to lend his support.

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Ardoch 200

We had a fantastic night of Music and Dance celebrating Ardoch being 200 years old.

The children of both schools wrote and choreographed songs and dance with Lucy, Aileen and Dave of Living Communities.

People from the whole community came to watch the children perform.

A big thank you to the Ardoch Trust who donated money for this event to happen.

Also thank you to all the people involved with lighting, sound and music production.

DVDs  will be produced shortly of the production, but until then, enjoy the photos!Congratulations especially to all the children involved.

CIMG3629 CIMG3630 CIMG3632 CIMG3633 CIMG3634 CIMG3635 CIMG3636 CIMG3637 CIMG3638 CIMG3639 CIMG3640 CIMG3641 CIMG3642 CIMG3643 CIMG3644 CIMG3645 CIMG3646 CIMG3647 CIMG3648 CIMG3649 CIMG3657 CIMG3658 CIMG3659 CIMG3663 CIMG3664 CIMG3665 CIMG3666 CIMG3667 CIMG3671 CIMG3672 CIMG3673