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Vane Farm Visit

P1/2 had a fabulous time visiting Vane Farm as part of their mini beasts topic. Nursery visited also a couple of weeks before and enjoyed themselves too.

It was super exploring different habitats of mini beasts , particularly the ponds.

We also got to have a picnic and explore around the beautiful grounds of Vane Farm.

Thank you to Mrs Fridge who drove there and who also took us to The Museum of Scotland earlier in the year.  A big thank you to Hazel who also came along and helped and Parent Council for helping to pay for the trip too.

Christmas Events

Once again we had a number of events for everyone to enjoy.

These included the Christmas dinner, the trip to the Pantomime, The Nativity, The Christmas Quiz, The Christmas Party and finally the Christmas Service.

Thank you to everyone who helped out, contributed and came along to the different events!

Visit to the Panto Snow White and the 7 Dames
Panto Visit
Christmas Dinner
Christmas Dinner
Christmas Dinner
P3-7 Christmas Songs before the Nativity
The Teachers & Children-The Noisy Nativity
The Children- Noisy Nativity
Mary, Joseph, Donkey and Angels
Mary, Joseph and the Innkeeper
Shepherds and Sheep
The Three Kings
The Whole Cast
Christmas Party
Christmas Party
P3/4 Christmas Service
Nursery and P1/2 Christmas Service
Guitarists- Christmas Service
P7 Christmas Service
Ardoch Strings Christmas Service
P5/6/7 Christmas Service
P1 Receiving a Bible – Christmas Service
P7 Receiving a Bible -Christmas Service
Christmas Quiz
Christmas Quiz

Ski Week

Last week ten children from P5-7  went on a fantastic trip to Nethy Bridge, where they enjoyed a week of skiing and other outdoor activities.

They were joined there by nine children from Muthill Primary who they got to know very well.

Most days the children got a chance to ski either on the dry slope or on snow.  If the children were not skiing, they were taking part in outdoor problem solving activities, zip wiring, a mini assault course and daily swimming.

A big thank you to Mrs Bickerton, who was our parent helper and who faced the most challenging skiing.  A big thank you also to the wonderful staff of Abernethy who made this trip so enjoyable! Last but not least, the fantastic children of Braco who were keen to take part in all activities and who were wonderfully behaved!

Day Trip to Blair Drummond

The whole school and Greenloaning School went on a fabulous trip to Blair Drummond Safari Park on Friday 17th. June, 2016.

First we went on a safari on the bus then the classes split up and did different activities. This included a trip on a boat to Monkey Island, the Pet Zoo, the Adventure Playground, the Flying Fox and the Sea lion Show.

Can we say a BIG THANK YOU to all the parent helpers who came along and supported us on the day and to the Parent Council who paid for the buses!

SDC11731 SDC11732 SDC11734 SDC11735 SDC11736 SDC11740 SDC11741 SDC11743 SDC11744 SDC11746 SDC11747 SDC11748 SDC11750 SDC11751

Active Kids

The whole school visited Active Kids in Stanley and had a fantastic time.

Popular activities were the go-karts, the fort, the mini zoo, the trampolines, the jelly beans and the fort.

Luckily the weather held out and we were able to enjoy all the outside activities.

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Commonwealth Day

P1-7 went to the Commonwealth Day held at Crieff High School at the Strathearn Campus on Wednesday 25th June, 2014.

We joined the other schools in the Crieff cluster including the High School.

First of all we marched behind the Crieff High School Pipe band with our Malawi flag.

Then we were treated to the opening dance, in which some of our older girls were in.

One of our pupils in P7 was also presented with an award for designing the logo for the day.

Well done BM!

We then split up into classes and did different activities such as rugby, potted sports, music etc…

A big thank you to Emily Greaves and her team from Crieff High School for organising this event!

Edinburgh Zoo Trip

The whole school, from Nursery to P7 went to the Zoo today.

Nursery were accompanied by their parents and other parent helpers included Ms Watson, Mrs Griffiths, Mrs Thomas, Mrs McLaren, Mr Dawson and Ms Taylor. Thank you to all. we really did have a super day!

Here are some photos, but more will be put on.