I bike Cinema

We were joined once again by Alice Arnott from IBike who came along to our school with the IBike cinema.

To make the cinema work, children take turns to ride three bicycles which powers the electricity.

We had a fabulous time watching some mini films and taking part in dance routines screened!

Castle Drive Bike Ride

A big thank you to Alice and her volunteers from Bikeability Scotland who came along and arranged our cycle ride around the Castle Drive.

This was a great achievement for some of our children who were so proud that they were able to cycle the three mile distance!

Thank you to all the parents who came along and supported this event.

Sports Day

We had a great day for sports day!

There were potted sports first of all, where the children took part in their houses and then different class races.

Thank you to all parents and grandparents who came along to support this event.


Braco Fun Day

We had a fabulous day in the park!

The children were able to participate in archery, play on a bouncy castle, play numerous games, do art and crafts, run a mini assault course, get their face painted and in the afternoon they were able to walk with alpacas!

For lunch we all had a lovely barbecue provided by Tayside Contracts.


Health Week

The whole school enjoyed a range of activities for our Health Week.

These included the Smoothie Bike visiting us, 5 Star Athletics, the Castle Drive Run, P7 Athletics, healthy baking and Healthy Tuck Shop.

Thank you to everyone involved and all the parents who joined us on our run.

Sports Day

We had a great day for Sports Day!

The children were divided into their Houses. First they all took part in a circuit of different activities, where they were winning points for their House.

Next of all each class took part in a running race, a potato and spoon  race and a sack race.  At the end there was a House Relay race. All points will go towards the House Cup which the children will find the result of at our Celebration and Achievement Evening.

Thank you to everyone who helped out  and supported the day.

Hope you enjoy the photos!


Ski Week

Last week ten children from P5-7  went on a fantastic trip to Nethy Bridge, where they enjoyed a week of skiing and other outdoor activities.

They were joined there by nine children from Muthill Primary who they got to know very well.

Most days the children got a chance to ski either on the dry slope or on snow.  If the children were not skiing, they were taking part in outdoor problem solving activities, zip wiring, a mini assault course and daily swimming.

A big thank you to Mrs Bickerton, who was our parent helper and who faced the most challenging skiing.  A big thank you also to the wonderful staff of Abernethy who made this trip so enjoyable! Last but not least, the fantastic children of Braco who were keen to take part in all activities and who were wonderfully behaved!

Sport Races

Today was a beautiful Summer’s day, so the whole school headed over to the park to do our races, which were not able to be done on Sports Day!

Each class took part in a running race, a potato and spoon  race and a sack race.  At the end there was a House Relay race. Hope you enjoy the photos!

Liam Davie comes to Braco!!

Today we were joined by British Gymnast- Liam Davie! Liam won a Silver Medal at the Commonwealth Games in 2014 and is hoping to do the same in 2018.

First of all the whole school took part in a fitness circuit….even the teachers!

After this Liam told us all about his life and what it takes to be a gymnast.

Liam let the children ask him questions and he was impressed by the questions.

His final piece was to show us two backwards somersaults!!

The children who raised money got a poster or postcard or a picture with Liam!

It was a fantastic morning and over £700 was raised by the children.

Liam commented on how Braco was the best school he had visited around Scotland!

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Sport’s Day

We had a fantastic day for our Sport’s Day with the sun shining all morning!

All the children were first of all in house teams and went around different stations to earn points for their house.

After this the children participated in different races including running, the sack race and the potato and spoon race.

The final race was a House Relay race.

At the end the Sport’s Cup was won by Orchil!!

Thank you to everyone who came along and supported this event.


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