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All of our classes have been treated to a visited by Zoolab today!

Some of the creatures that they had the fortune to see and hold were the Madagascar Hissing Cockroach,  a Giant Millipede, the Giant African Snail, a Chilean Tarantula,  a Tree frog, a Crested Gecko, a Corn Snake and RATS!

Enjoy the photos.



Christmas Party

On Thursday 21st December, the children had a fantastic time at the Christmas party run by Ernie the DJ.

Children enjoyed games and dancing, including the Conga and Pass the Banana. At the end Santa visited with presents for everyone. Thank you Santa for coming to see us, thank you to Parent Council for funding the party and thank you to Ernie and his helper for a super time!

John King Visit

Today we had a visit from John King, Tim Peake’s Father-in-Law.

He told us all about how Tim became an astronaut and his mission to the International Space Station. The children were then allowed to ask questions and there were lots of interesting ones asked.

Mr King also gave to us some momentoes including a signed picture of Tim Peake.

Thank you very much Mr King and to Miss Perry who arranged the visit.

Here is a link to the ISS tracker . As said in the Get Together the ISS is visible over the weekend



I Bike Breakfast

On Friday, 3rd. November, Robyn Warburton and Dr Bike from Comrie Croft came to Braco Primary to promote cycling to school.

Everyone was invited to come along, if they wished, to a Breakfast run by Sustrans. Children were also offered the chance to have their bike checked over by Dr Bike.

In class Robyn held a short Get Together about her work and how she wants the children to be more interested in promoting cycling, walking even riding scooters to school. She will be returning again to help run another event.

Thanks to Robyn and the Comrie Crew for arranging this for the school.


Family Cycle Event

On Friday 2nd. June, parents, children and staff had a lovely time cycling around the Castle Drive. The sun kept shining, which made it even better!

Afterwards, Mrs Fridge from Nursery had organised a cake stall to raise funds for Nursery to buy balance bikes.

This event was arranged by Emily Greaves the Sport Co-ordinator for the Crieff cluster of schools. Thanks to Emily and all of those who took part in the event!