By Noah

For just over one year, we have all been in lockdown in Scotland.  It has been a year now and I have quite enjoyed it. Many people have really not enjoyed it and others have loved it.

I feel like lockdown is coming to an end we have a few vaccines and 30,444,829 people have had at least their first dose. Orkney is well underway with vaccines and many people in Orkney have had their first dose; even quite young people have had it.

The reasons I have enjoyed lockdown is I could do my own things during the day and not have school take up the whole day. I would usually have all my schoolwork done in the morning and then do something I enjoy in the afternoon like go for a cycle.

S1-S3 have been going to school for a few weeks now for two days a week which is good in my opinion.

In my opinion lockdown has been an alright thing which I and many people have quite enjoyed.

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