Different schools; different rules

Different schools; different rules 

By Lucy S

TWS is a large school in England.  If is quite different from Stromness Academy, which is a small school in rural Scotland. Pupils from each of these schools share their opinions of how the school rules differ in their experience.

The rules at TWS and the rules at Stromness Academy are extremely different. At TWS you’re not allowed to leave school during the school day and at a certain time a member of staff goes around and locks all the gates so no one can leave school, although there are a few ways you can leave the school but it’s risky.

However, at SA there is nothing like that: there is trust in the pupils and S2s and up can go down the street at lunch times and buy their lunch/food there instead of using the dining hall.

Talia*, a pupil at Stromness Academy, said, ‘I like the freedom you get here, you have lots of choice on how you spend your day’.

TWS have a phone ban so pupils must have their phones switched off and in their bags for the whole school day, and if a member of staff sees it out, they will take it off you and call a member of your family to go to the school and collect it.

Judy, a pupil at TWS said, ‘I hate the phone ban: nothing’s fun anymore.  There isn’t anything to do anymore; you just get bored’.

At SA you’re allowed your phone and some teachers play Kahoot!, a game which involves using your phones as a multiple choice control pad.

Edward. From SA, said, ‘Having your phone during school is very helpful and it gives you something to do.  I don’t think phones should be banned anywhere unless they have a really good reason to take action like that’.

TWS students must wear uniform and anything incorrect in the way you are wearing it must be corrected immediately or you will potentially be given a detention, or you will be sent to isolation (PSP).

At SA however, there is no uniform:  you can wear what you like and it’s up to you to dress appropriately.

Callum from TWS said, ‘I hate having to wear uniform, it’s so annoying.  If you get hot, you’re still wearing rather hot and tight clothes.  I wish I could wear my own clothes, that way I choose how I dress – not the school’.

TWS tend to give out detentions often to those who misbehave, and pupils often get sent to PSP (isolation) as well if they continue to misbehave or if what they have done deserve isolation.

Clare said, ‘Sometimes the teachers are unreasonable and just don’t listen to you and sometimes they don’t even let you explain, they’ll just punish you anyway’.

SA don’t have anything like that: the teachers are must more understanding and give you chances.

Jade-Rose said, ‘The teachers are understandable, and they listen to you, I like not having any strict rules in place’.

Overall, the two schools are completely different but unique and good in their own way.

“TWS is an amazing school despite any strict rules in place.  Follow them correctly and the experience will be great, and you will really enjoy it.  The teachers are understandable if you give them chance to get to know you, and soon the teachers will start being reasonable once some ground rules are laid down.”

So, there we have it: some very mixed opinions about the two schools and how different they really are.

*names have been changed for anonymity.

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