Vaccine experiences

Vaccine experiences  

By Ryan 

Many people in Orkney have now had their first dose of the covid vaccine, and some people have had both doses.  I spoke to some people that have had the vaccine and here are some of their experiences.  

The first person asked said that they had the Pfizer vaccine and they said that the felt fine and the only side effect that they had was a sore arm. 

The second person asked said that they have had the AstraZeneca vaccine and they had also said that they were fine at first but a few hours after they were suddenly cold and shivery and couldn’t get out of bed.  They were fine two days after.   

Overall vaccination is a good thing but there will always be side effects and some people are lucky and some people aren’t with the side effects.  

If you would like to know more, there is NHS information about vaccinations at 

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