Third Year curriculum choice

All parents and carers have now been issued with the most recent Second Year tracking report which was compiled just before lockdown. In addition, all parents and carers of current Second Year pupils should have received the updated Immersion Choice form for completion and return.

The member of the Pupil Support Team dealing with each class in respect of this process is as follows:

  • 2.1 Mrs. D. Connell
  • 2.2 Mrs.  J. McGuigan
  • 2.3 Mr. C. Phairs
  • 2.4 Mrs. L. A. Wilson
  • 2.5 Mrs. S. Murphy

Details of how to contact the relevant member of Pupil Support by telephone and the email address to use to return the completed form were provided in the email sent last week. If, for any reason, you have not received this email or have inadvertently deleted it, please contact the school by telephone on 01698 274976 to obtain relevant contact details. Please also see link below to the form.

Immersion Curriculum Choice Form June 2020

I would ask that these forms are returned promptly by email. Subject choices should be entered into the relevant text boxes on the form.

In addition Mrs Murphy , S3 Pupil Support teacher, may be contacted via your child’s registration class Glow team. Miss Rooney, Stage Head, can be contacted at the school.

All Pupil Support staff have a work mobile which is monitored by North Lanark Council. Please feel free to call this number (available in the email or from the school) to contact the relevant member of Pupil Support.

Please submit the completed form as soon as possible and no later than Monday 15th June 2020.