49 Fifth and Sixth Year pupils studying Higher and Advanced Higher Maths set off to the Kilbowie Outdoor Centre in Oban on for the Annual Maths Camp Weekend. Students are given the opportunity to participate in an extensive study programme for the forthcoming examination. A great time was had by all with pupils also being given the chance to take part in an Outdoor activity as part of the school’s Health Promotion Programme. They took part in Coaststeering which involves rock climbing and sea swimming and the group finished off with a seven metre jump into the sea. Credit goes to the students involved as this is an activity where participants get extremely wet jumping in and out of the sea on what turned out to be a particularly cold and wintry day. All staff who participated in the weekend were impressed by the pupils’ effort and application. It is hoped that their efforts will be rewarded by excellent results in the final examination. The weekend is part funded by the Edinburgh University Mathematical Association and we thank them for their continued support. Thanks to Mr. Mark Dorris (Principal Teacher of Mathematics), Mrs. Liz Bergen and Mr. John Harty (Teachers of Mathematics) and Mrs Anna Robertson (Principal Teacher of Support for Learning).

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