School Uniform


Black blazer with school badge

White traditional shirt which buttons to collar
[not a polo shirt]

School tie

Black v-neck sweatshirt or jumper
[not a cardigan]
Black dress trousers [not jeans etc]

Black shoes


Black blazer with school badge

White button-up school shirt/blouse with buttons to the collar.
[not leaving a gap blouse to trousers or collar to neck]

School tie

Black v-neck jumper or v-neck sleeveless top.
[not a cardigan and not a vest top]

Black traditional skirt of a “modest”length
Black dress trousers.
[Not shorts, or culottes, footless tights etc]

Black shoes.
Any socks must be worn below the knee.

S5/6 students have the privilege of a different senior tie provided they wear the blazer. They may buy a blazer already fitted with senior school braid or buy braid from the office to fit for themselves.
Girls may wear a plain black pinafore [without embellishments] provided they are wearing the school blazer.
No items of school clothing should have “Designer” or manufacturers’ logos or labels visible. We want to avoid competition regarding labels and cost of clothes.
Our preferred supplier is LogoXpres, acknowledged by parents’ representatives as providing good quality, appropriate uniform items which are hard wearing and cope with frequent washing.
It is perfectly possible for parents to buy uniform items from other sources, as long as they match the agreed policy. This is especially the case with girls’ blazers which should be clearly recognisable as traditional blazers and not as “wee black jackets” [even with a badge to disguise them].
Thank you for all your support in the excellent standard of uniform we have established in Saint Maurice’s High School.