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Malawi Blog 2018

June 2019

Hi everyone,

After a very intense interview process, the following pupils have been selected to represent St. Maurice’s in Malawi. All candidates had outstanding interviews! Thank you to the HT, Miss Laird and Miss Watt who helped us with the showcases and interview!

Aimee Rose
Chiara Sankey
Sarah Lochrie
Theo Black
Daniel Harrison
Taya Paterson
Kenzi Martin
Matthew Carberry
Meghan Wallace
Kiera Allison
Elizabeth Brown
Paula Brady
Luisa Duffy
Nikkala Humphreys
Kate Murray

Thank you to everyone who has supported the Committee this year. This week we have just sent £3000 over to Father Andrew to build a new maize store and maize mill for the community. We have also sent £8000 to Nkhamenya Girls Secondary to build 100 bunk beds for the Girls who’s beds have fallen to pieces due to termite damage. We are also going to visit the Banana Box Trust tomorrow who will be helping us with the transport of clothes you have donated, an incubator and educational resources over to Malawi.There is many more projects we are going to be helping Nkhamneya with throughout the year so we will keep you all posted!

Have a great summer!

Miss Donald



May 2019

Hi everyone,

At the Malawi Ball on Friday evening, the total raised was £10,107. A massive thank you to all of the staff and pupils who supported this event!

We are planning to spend the donations in several ways.

The first is freighting over some much needed supplies which include clothes, toys (balloons, bubbles, etc ..) and medical supplies. We are looking for some clothing donations. Although we are partnered with Nkhamenya Girls Secondary School, we are looking for clothing donations of all ages, for both male and female, which will be distributed by the Parish and Mission Hospital in Nkhamenya.
We intend to collect up to Friday 31st May. We will also do another collection later in the year.

Another big focus this year is the Boys Primary School. The majority of the classrooms in this school have no chairs or furniture so we are going to buy materials and employ local labour to improve the learning environment of all the pupils.

The fundraising will also be put towards constructing 2 new electric maize mills which will provide the community with grain all year round. We also intend to replace the roofs of the school buildings which have been damaged by termites and purchase beds and mattresses for the Girls dorm rooms.

Sr Mfune, the Head Teacher of NGSS, wanted to pass on her best wishes to you all! She has recently been awarded Headteacher of the year! Like our pupils, the girls have been preparing for Exams with the majority hoping to move onto University after Summer.

It is incredible to see the improvements Nkhamenya has made over the years and this would not have been possible without your continued support!

Thank you!

The Malawi Committee

Malawi Ball 2019