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Winners of the ‘Scotland Malawi Partnership Members Award’


Malawi Blog 2018

The Malawi Fundraising Committee have been extremely busy over the past 2 years and have been raised a significant amount of money in order to make a difference to the lives of many of our friends in Nkhamenya Girls School in, Malawi.

Our friendship with the community of Nkhamenya began in 2007 and every year it continues to grow stronger, we now support the secondary school, the local primaries, the community hospital and the parish.

The pupils have been working hard organising events such as the Malawi Ball back in May this year. It was the most successful Ball to date raising £10,520. Since then, 14 Pupils who were selected from the Malawi Committee visited our partnership school located in Nkhamenya. They were selected on the basis of their commitment to the group and through a very difficult application and interview process.

During their stay, our pupils gained experience learning in the classroom and were given the opportunity to teach/ study with the girls.

There was some much needed maintenance work done on the school’s walls due to termites which have eaten away at some of the brick work. Some of the fundraising was used to purchase brick seal and paint so our pupils could begin the task of painting the school walls.

Further improvements have also been made to the school garden which is now fully irrigated and produces the majority of maize used to feed the pupils in school. The school have also built a dam which provides a water source and a space to breed fish as another food source. The pig pen and chicken coup have also expanded since the last visit which again provides a food source for the pupils and the local people. All of the projects we have funded have created employment for many people who tend to the crops, animals and carry out maintenance work. £6000 was spent on a new school bus which is used for educational excursions or to transport sick children home.

During their time there, they also visited the local primary schools, The Open School (a free school for pupils who are unable to qualify/ pay for education) and Katete Girls Secondary school. All schools were provided with £1000 each from our fundraising to improve learning resources, accommodation for pupils, drainage/ sewerage systems (which the Girls Primary began work on immediately) and to ensure no child is sent home due to unpaid fees. Clothes and stationary were also distributed to the neediest pupils. It was fantastic to see that many pupils now have a desk to sit at since our last visit!

Pupils also visited the local hospital and donated a large amount of baby clothes to the maternity ward and presented them with £1000 to improve medical supplies/equipment. Our pupils met families in the paediatric ward and paid off outstanding hospital bills for treatments. Majority of the children in this ward were suffering from Malaria, Cholera or Meningitis.

£1000 was also donated to the local Parish which will use the money for projects in the local community.

Not only did the community of Nkhamenya benefit from this visit, our young people also gained so much from this life-changing opportunity. The dedication and commitment from the 2018 Malawi Committee has been incredible and they were truly a credit to our school.