Mental Health

Mental Health Awareness Week

For Mental Health Awareness Week this year, we’re raising awareness of the impact of loneliness on our mental health and the practical steps we can take to address it.

Please keep an eye on our Twitter and Pupil Support Year Team page and join us in several activities such as our motivational board and Wellbeing Wednesday, including a walk around the St Maurice’s Pond.


What is Mental Health?

Mental Health is defined as: “a person’s ability to regulate and manage their psychological state.”

In the past, Mental Health was viewed as a weakness and people were not encouraged to talk about it. There was a lot of stigma around the term. However, in modern day society this is very different. Just like we would be encouraged to eat well, exercise and go to the doctors if we were not feeling well, we are increasingly opening up about Mental Health, talking about it, reducing stigma and seeking solutions.

Below are a variety of resources to support three key areas of Mental Health.


What is Anxiety?

Many people use this term nowadays but don’t fully understand what it is and how can impact on someone’s life daily. Feeling nervous is normal and is a natural human response to various situations. One way to think positively about it is that it demonstrates you care about whatever it is that is making you feel nervous. However, anxiety is a more compounded version of nerves. It is constant and out with the persons’ control. Below is a short video on the signs and symptoms of anxiety.








Advice on Anxiety

During this period of uncertainty many of us will have increased anxiety. It is during this time, that we must endeavour to be resilient. This, along with many other things, will be what gets us through this time.

A link to be created here to the attached powerpoint


Life Skills for Teens

School is a wonderful place – it is, honest! It teaches you content knowledge through subjects but equally teaches you life skills. What are those you say? Well, find out by utilising the link below.


A link to be created here to the attached document









What is Low Mood and Depression?

Many people have moments or days when they feel low. They are not motivated to complete tasks, they feel the world is against them, they feel tired all the time and it can be a struggle to get up. Occasionally young people self-diagnose themselves with depression at this point. However, low mood is different and its usually possible to fix a low mood by resolving issues that are bothering you. For example, completing that dreaded essay and getting it done. However, sometimes the low mood can hang around for longer.





What is Self-Esteem?

Self-Esteem is the confidence you have about yourself – your body, your skills, you qualities etc. It is your self-worth – in other words how much you appreciate or value yourself. Some people find it easy to talk about themselves and all the great things they can do, while some struggle. There are a number of people who give themselves a hard time, thinking and feeling that they are not good enough for this person or that job or etc. However, we must remember that we all bring something to the table, no matter how big or small that may be.

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