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December 21, 2017
by Mrs Boyle

Merry Christmas

I would like to wish everyone a very happy and Holy Christmas and New Year break.  We have had another really busy and successful year in St Bernadette’s.  Hopefully you will have been following our updates on Twitter and our School App throughout the year.

I am delighted to share the photos from our recent Christmas Shows, Cinderella Rockerfeller and A Midwife Crisis.  I am very grateful to Mrs Gosia Iwaniec for her skill, time and efforts as the photographer.  All children gave outstanding performances and all staff worked extremely hard to make the shows so successful.  Well done and thank you to everyone!

December 21, 2016
by Mrs Boyle

Christmas Show

Well done and thanks to all who made our Christmas Show such a success.  It was a great performance from all.  Thanks to Mrs Iwaniec for the photos.internet_christmas-show-2016-6 internet_christmas-show-2016-3 internet_christmas-show-2016-2 internet_christmas-show-2016-1 internet_christmas-show-2016-9 internet_christmas-show-2016-7 internet_christmas-show-2016-8 internet_christmas-show-2016-11 internet_christmas-show-2016-12 internet_christmas-show-2016-10 internet_christmas-show-2016-19 internet_christmas-show-2016-15 internet_christmas-show-2016-13 internet_christmas-show-2016-21 internet_christmas-show-2016-17 internet_christmas-show-2016-25 internet_christmas-show-2016-24 internet_christmas-show-2016-26 internet_christmas-show-2016-31 internet_christmas-show-2016-30 internet_christmas-show-2016-29 internet_christmas-show-2016-32 internet_christmas-show-2016-35
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October 26, 2015
by Mrs Boyle

New dates for your diary!

In addition to the dates issued on the newsletter I would like to invite you to a Parent Partnership/Family Learning event on Tuesday 1st December at 7pm in the school hall.  This is your chance to help us explore what we are doing well and what we might plan for the future to help all our children and families achieve their goals.  Positive Parent Partnerships are essential for pupil success.  Help us to help your child!

How Good is Our School 4th edition states that to be successful we should be:

Engaging families in learning – Families receive high-quality universal and targeted support that enables them to access learning activities which meet their needs. Universal support is open to all families. Targeted support is offered to those families who have been identified as having singular or multiple needs that are having an impact on their health and wellbeing, development and/or learning. Families have regular opportunities to discuss their learning with staff and set appropriate targets for the next stages. Families are well supported to plan opportunities for personal achievement. Learning targets are in place specific to the family as a whole and as individual learners, built on prior learning and reviewed and evaluated. Families are at the centre of this planning, as active participants in their learning and development. Parents and carers are supported to actively and meaningfully engage in their children’s learning and life at school. Staff work with parents and carers to reduce potential barriers to engagement and are responsive to the family circumstances such as families affected by imprisonment, English as an additional language and mental health issues. 

Early intervention and prevention – Our staff and partners use available data, analysis and intelligence gathering to inform their understanding of community and individual family’s needs and to ensure appropriate timely interventions. Our staff are aware of the factors causing child poverty within our community. We work with parents and other agencies to help parents minimise the effect of poverty on our children. Needs are identified and reviewed in consultation with families, partners and stakeholders. Our staff has an informed understanding of local demographics that informs more targeted support when appropriate. Strong partnership approaches facilitate sustainability and a more robust service for families. Families benefit from our strong collaboration with colleagues from other sectors which supports referrals to and from services and enables tracking and builds trust. Families are consulted in a meaningful way when staff are looking at progression from their service. We work well with other services to ensure continued strong support for families.  

Quality of family learning programmes – Our courses are stimulating, challenging, relevant and enjoyable. Families are fully engaged and participate in designing and delivering content. We consult with families to ensure we are meeting their needs in relation to literacy, numeracy, health and wellbeing and wider family learning outcomes. Learning outcomes support families through changes and choices. We actively promote lifelong learning, both in families, and as individual learners. As a result of our family learning classes, families have increased aspirations as individuals and as a family. They have a sense of achievement and successes are recorded and celebrated.

Have your say – what are we doing already and what do we need to do more of?


September 29, 2015
by Mrs Boyle

Exciting Opportunity – Growth Mindset

Dear Parents/Guardians

St Bernadette’s PS Parents’ Evening Thursday 8th October 2015

We are all looking forward to meeting with you next Thursday at Parents’ Evening.  During the course of the evening you will have an individual appointment with the class teacher as well as an opportunity to see your child’s work in their class.  We would encourage you to include your child in the meeting as part of their personal target setting.  It is important that the children see Parents and Teachers working together to support them in their learning.

In addition I am delighted to be able to give everyone an excellent opportunity to learn more about how we can support our children to become better learners through Growth Mindset. Please see the message blow from John Paul Fitzpatrick from the Winning Scotland Foundation.  Tea and coffee will be provided for you while you are waiting for the presentation time.  This is a fantastic event for our school and is not to be missed!  You will not be disappointed!


Our mindset affects how we think and learn and can determine our level of success in life. Curious? Want to learn more?

Come find out!

Hi there

My name is John Paul Fitzpatrick. I work for the Winning Scotland Foundation.   I need your help!


On Parents’ Evening in St Bernadette’s PS, we will be running a quick 30 minute workshop on how you can help your children grow and develop a Growth Mindset. Come and find out more about it and what you can do to help them with their learning! This can make a big difference to their lives – and yours too!


It will be informal, fun and friendly!


The presentation will run at three times 4pm, 5.30pm and 7pm.


Come along and hear the presentation and have a chat!

I am really looking forward to meeting you and giving you some information about Growth Mindset.


Best wishes,

John Paul Fitzpatrick



June 8, 2015
by Mrs Boyle

June 2015

St. Bernadette’s Primary School

June 2015



Dear Parents/Guardians,

We are almost at the end of another very busy and successful school year.  I would like to thank you all for your continued support throughout the year and take this opportunity to wish you all a very good Summer Holiday break.  Please take note of the following information.

Parent Council Meetings – The final meeting of the Parent Council for this school year will take place tomorrow evening at 6pm in school.  All are welcome.  Thank you to all the Parent Council members and those in the Fundraising Committee for all their hard work over the year and to all those who supported these events.

Assemblies –Primary 1/2 Assembly is on Friday 12th June at 1.00pm  – all parents and friends are welcome to come along and support the children.

Transition to Our Lady’s High School for the P7 pupils who will transfer in August. 

Monday 8th June Mass and workshops – 7pm.

Tues 9th & Wed 10th June Two day visit for pupils     9am-3pm

Triathlon – Rooms 7 & 8 will take part in a Triathlon at Wishaw Sports Centre on tomorrow, Tuesday 9th June – we hope they enjoy this event.

Junior Road Safety Awards – our Junior Road Safety Committee have been successful again this year.  Two pupils will attend the awards on Wednesday 10th June where they will find out which award they have won.

Primary 1 – 4 Fluoride Varnish – the dental health team will be in school for this.

Primary Games – Primary 4 and 5 will take part in the Primary Games at Ravenscraig Sports Complex.  The children will take part in a variety of events and we hope they have a great time.

Retiral – The Retiral Mass for Mrs. Taylor will take place in St. Bernadette’s Church on Monday 15th June at 1.30pm – all parents and friends welcome.

School Sports Day – Our sports day will be held on Thursday 18th June.  We are hoping for the same good weather we enjoyed last year.  We would be very grateful for any Parent Helpers for the event – please contact the school if you are able to help.  The event will start at 11am and finish at 12.15pm.  Medals will be presented later on in the day when scores have been added up.

The lunch will be burger and chips only – £1.85 per pupil for those children who pay.

Skillforce Group Camp – the children who were part of the Skillforce Group will have an overnight camp from Thursday 18th – 19th June.

Leavers’ Mass and Awards – This will take place in school on Monday 22nd June at 1pm.  We will have Mass followed by an awards ceremony and a final farewell P7 Assembly.  Tea and coffee will be served at the end of the day.  This will be a very special occasion for the school and we look forward to welcoming the Parents and Families of the P7 leavers.

Monday 22nd June is the date of the end of year Fundraising Committee Disco.  We hope to have a big turnout for a fun night.

Summer Outings –  Primary 4 – 7 will visit Our Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh on Tuesday 16th June at a cost of £6.50 per pupil.  Primary 1 – 3 will have their outing to Almond Valley on Wednesday 17th June at a cost of £6.50 per pupil.

Holidays – The school will close on Thursday 25th June at 1pm for the Summer break.  The school re-opens on Tuesday 18th August 9am P2-P7 and 10.00am for P1.  Primary 1 pupils should come into the hall on the first day only.

Website – Our School Website has lots of information about the school and your child’s learning for this year.  I have also been writing a regular blog giving up to date information on what is happening in the school.  The website can be viewed at – (the whole address needs to be typed into the URL bar rather than through a Google search.)  We also have a Twitter Account for instant updates @BernadettesPS.

Kind regards,

Mrs Boyle




April 22, 2015
by Mrs Boyle

Summer Term

It is great to see everyone back after the Easter Break.  We have a very busy and exciting term ahead.  A copy of the newsletter has been issued to all families and can be accessed on the school website if you lose your copy!

I was delighted to receive a text yesterday from Fr. Fredrick in Namulenga Malawi saying that he had received the donation of £1100 from our  Charities Account.  The money will be used for desks for the Girls’ School and supporting the community in rebuilding following the floods.  He was very appreciative and extends his thanks and prayers to all our children and families.  This term we will be preparing for the visit of Mr Lamosi (Head Teacher) and Mr Wales (Class Teacher)  from our partner school in Malawi.  The visit has been scheduled for late August, I am sure we will be able to give them a very warm welcome.  Hopefully we can arrange a Scottish themed evening event for parents and families to attend.  More details will be issued shortly.

We are currently in the process of redoing our infant area.  It has new flooring and Mr Murphy has done a great job painting the entire area.  We have ordered a variety of new resources and storage.  It is hoped the new area will be ready in the next few weeks for lots of fun and active learning.

We have lots to look forward to this term with 1st Holy Communion, P7 visits to OLHS, summer outings, sports events, assemblies and a very important retirement Mass for Mrs Taylor.  Mrs Taylor has worked in St Bernadette’s for almost 41 years – what an outstanding achievement which demonstrates a true commitment to the community of St Bernadette’s!



Mr Mailosi wearing one of our H Factor Badges!

March 23, 2015
by Mrs Boyle

March News

Well done to Mrs Taylor and Miss Gallagher for producing an excellent Pirate assembly with P3 on Friday.  The children were great with songs, dances, poems and great acting.  The costumes were fantastic too – thanks to all who helped or came along to support the children.image image image image image

March 16, 2015
by Mrs Boyle
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We have had lots to celebrate recently in St Bernadette’s.  Here are just a few of our recent successes;

  • Morgan from P7 represented our school at the launch of the International Youth Transplant Games which will be hosted by NLC.
  • Emily, Jack, Sophie and Aidan have qualified for the NLC library quiz after coming 2nd in the heats on Thursday.
  • Our choir were awarded 2nd place at the Burns Competition on Friday and Rachael was 3rd in the solo performance – thanks to Miss Brown for preparing the children so well.
  • Our P3 children were excellent and received the Sacrament of Reconciliation on Tuesday.
  • P6 & P7 children were complimented highly for their contribution and participation in the celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation last Friday.
  • P2 pupils put on an excellent assembly for parents and friends all about people in the past.
  • We are currently highly ranked in the national cycle to school competition.  We have 2 more events planned where I hope we can continue our success- well done to Mrs Purdue and the road safety committee for organising this great initiative.
  • All classes are contributing to Lenten charities through a variety of events – P6 & P7 walked to Malawi today – taking one step for every mile.
  • Our P4 & P5 classes were commended for their enthusiastic participation in the science workshops at Strathclyde University.  It was a great experience for all involved.
  • We now have all classes using Book Bug our online reading pilot programme.  The children are really enjoying this new approach to reading.

It goes without saying I am very proud of our terrific children!

This week we are delighted to see the work start on our infant area.  Everyone is excited at the prospect of having a new fresh area for active learning.  Mr Murphy is doing a great job helping with the organisation and the painting!  We are very grateful to him!

We are also looking forward to the P3 Pirate assembly on Friday.  I have heard the practices and it promises to be great.  Mrs Taylor and Miss Gallagher are certainly working hard to prepare the children well.

We will also have our committee meetings on Friday.  Everyone is getting very excited about the talent show which the Pupil Council is organising.

Work will also be starting shortly on the skate park adjacent to the school.  Please remind your children about safety around building sites.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone next week at our Parents’ Evening on Thursday 26th March.



March 2, 2015
by Mrs Boyle

H Factor Winners

Well done to our most recent H Factor winners.  It is great credit to them to be recognised for their hard work, good manners and behaviour by their teachers.  Congratulations also to P6/5 for winning the Top Class award with a magnificent total of more than 230 tokens.

February 17, 2015
by Mrs Boyle

St Bernadette’s Day

We all had a great day in St Bernadette’s celebrating our patron’s feast day.  We started with a beautiful Mass in St Bernadette’s Church.  Our Celebrations of Faith Committee led the liturgy and delighted us with a presentation about the story of St Bernadette meeting Our Lady in Lourdes.  Our P6 pupils also used the opportunity to publicly declare their wish to become enrolled in the Pope Francis Faith Award.

Following Mass the parishioners were invited into school for a coffee morning organised by our Community Links Committee.  It was a great success with lots of chat and compliments for our lovely children.  The visitors were also entertained by our Speech and Drama groups and the School Choir.  The children were excellent!  Mrs Bradley and Miss Brown did a great job in preparing them.

In the afternoon all children got a chance to come to hall for fun and games.  We were a bit disappointed we didn’t have the bouncy slide but it didn’t stop the fun!  We have arranged for the bouncy slide to come on March 16th – the company had made an error with our booking.2015-02-17 13.40.48 2015-02-17 13.40.50 2015-02-17 13.40.54 2015-02-17 13.41.03 2015-02-17 13.41.07 2015-02-17 14.09.55 2015-02-17 14.10.02 2015-02-17 14.10.04 2015-02-17 14.10.15 2015-02-17 14.10.27 2015-02-17 14.10.31 2015-02-17 14.10.39 2015-02-17 14.10.41 2015-02-17 14.10.50 2015-02-17 14.11.03 2015-02-17 14.11.20 2015-02-17 11.00.59 2015-02-17 10.58.55 2015-02-17 10.59.14 2015-02-17 10.59.24 2015-02-17 11.00.33 2015-02-17 11.00.37



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