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Monday 8th June

Hello everyone in Lewis Class, hope you have all had a nice weekend, lots of fun and enjoyed the sun. Mrs Brisbane would like to talk to you about something we’ll do every day in Lewis Class, brush our teeth and wash our face and hands and you are all very good at doing this, some with some help and others all by themselves. So I am hoping that you are all still keeping up the good work a  home. I have put a link to some favorite songs that you listen to while washing and brushing your teeth.

Outdoor Learning

Hi everybody in Lewis class, hope you all have been enjoying the lovely sunny weather we have been having 🙂  Mrs Brisbane has been going for some walks, sitting in the garden and been listening to all the birds singing. I have also seen some other animals when I have been out walking. I would love to see some pictures of you looking at some animals, or a picture with your favourite soft toy, animal book, or a picture with you and your pet at home. Looking forward to seeing all your pictures.

outdoor learning



Lewis Class

Good morning everyone,

Hope you have all enjoyed the sunshine over the weekend. Mrs Brisbane has been doing something that you all enjoy at school, Home Economics. I have made some Paw patrol cakes that you might like to try at home but to do this activity you will need help from an adult, as you will have to use the oven. It would be lovely if you could try this at home and upload your cake pictures so that your friends and the ladies can see your fantastic work.

I have attached a learning intention to help your little learners. I have also sent the link to a short video demonstration on YouTube.

Enjoy 🙂

Mrs brisbane PE

Hi I would just like to say hello to everyone, I think everyone is doing amazing putting things in place to support staff and families, I love looking at all of the things our kids in Haysholm have been doing.

I have had a productive morning making a 5 min PE video (oh my word it was hard work!! Lol)  Take care and be safe 👍🌈.

Fun in Lewis Class

Hi well we all have been back just over a week and been keeping ourselves busy happy to see our friends and get back to work 🙂 We have been enjoying making tasty shortbread at home- economics (hope everybody at home enjoyed it) We have enjoyed PE and lots of fun in the playground with our friends in the snow 🙂  Well done DK he has been busy making sure our laundry get washed.

Happy Halloween

Friday It has been another busy day wee had our Big Scottish Breakfast in the morning which Jura class and Mrs Bennet made for us plenty to choose from some of use even has 2 course 🙂  very tasty fresh fruit, cereal, croissants, pancakes and rolls on sausage!! In the afternoon wee had our Halloween party and we had fab costumes and some super dancers. We are all looking for a chill out weekend Enjoy.

Big Scottish Breakfst


Spider pumpkin

Ghost bowling



Hello everyone Lewis class and the whole school would like to welcome our new pupil KF and his family to Haysholm and hope he has enjoyed our fun filled and busy 1st week back after our break. We have had a visit from Zoo Ed Fiona read us a sensory story and met her furry friends and reptiles. We had PE outside in the cycle track and made Halloween potions in the mud kitchen.



Everyone in Lewis class would like to welcome our new pupil KF and his family to our class and school. Our 1st week back after the holidays has been a very busy one with lots of fun and excitement, we have had a visit from Zoo Ed, Room On The Broom story and friendly animals and insects which we enjoyed meeting. We have been enjoying having PE outside in the sun with the bikes and fun in the mud kitchen stirring and mixing lots of tasty potions.