Happy Monday Skye class!

Good morning everyone,

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

This week we will focus on SCIENCE and today we have a fun activity that you all loved in class! Today we are going to explore water and ice.

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Do you have an ice pack at home in your freezer? You can touch it and can you feel how it is? Alternatively you can touch and feel an ice bag of frozen fruits or vegetables.

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I have an activity for you to do if you want. You only need some things that you have at home and time to wait until the water is frozen.


  • put some of your favourite (small) toys in a food bag/ plastic bag/ tub
  • pour water
  • add soap if you want
  • put it in the freezer and let it freeze for some hours.

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  • When it is frozen, you can take it out and use warm water to melt it.
  • Can you get your toys back?
  • You can use any tool you have to break the ice! (eg. cutlery, kitchen tools etc.)
  • Don’t forget to tidy up when you are finished!

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I hope you have a good day! 🙂


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